All Knowledge Gained if not Implemented then it is of no use!

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Life is a journey, during this we keep on updating our knowledge. Knowledge is wealth and gives us energy and courage to know the world and help improve life. One may know many things but one should make sure that his knowledge is shared with others.

Sharing knowledge is important otherwise there is no value of knowledge. Any knowledge is a mere experience of others. It is never our own experience.

Image source: Dr Anadi Sahoo

Unless, we apply that knowledge and experience the results ourselves, we would never gain an experience. It is the experience, which gives us wisdom. Some people learn from the experiences of others. We call such people wise.

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knowledge ,experience ,creativity all are related to each other.tnx for sharing your realization.


Excellent post.


I am JaiChai.

And I am delighted to make your acquaintance.

RE: Your Post

First off, let me say that I totally resonate with the insights contained within your post.

There's definitely a big difference from what I call "Fluff" (plain vanilla, uninterpreted clumps of simple data) vs. Information (facts wih a purpose, infused with expert analysis).

And it prompted me to submit these musings.

So, since the old tongue loves to wag, please indulge me for a little while, ok?

As soon as I read your post, the story of Henry Ford vs. "The Newspaper" bubbled up from that blackhole called my longterm memory.

Please note: Since I am recalling this incident from my imperfect memory, I am no doubt submitting my personal version of the story only. And I will surely be paraphrasing the actual statements. Nevertheless, you will get the gist of the story and the lesson/wisdom I am wishing to convey.**

One time, a well-circulated newspaper was embarked on a Henry Ford bashing campaign.

They became the public platform and brash voice for a large group of peopke who were self-proclaimed, fervent "Henry Ford Haters".

Granted, Henry Ford was not the easiest man to work for - much less get along with.

But the Anti-Ford propaganda machin eventually became both ludicrous and unduly vicious. They accused him of embodying everything that was evil; blaming him for all the common people's personal, financial and political ills.

In short, they portrayed him as the closest thing to the "Anti-Christ on Earth" of the current times.

So, Henry Ford being, well...Henry Ford!, decided not to tolerate the nonsense any further and took the newspaper to court for slander, defamation of character, etc. - in a dramatic, controversial and very publicized trial.

When Henry Ford was on the stand, the newspaper's team of lawyers doggedly grilled him with a myriad of questions aimed to illustrate the subpar level of Henry Ford's general knowledge; and by proxy, his below average IQ.

They peppered him with questions about everything under the sun. They asked questions that ranged from general knowledge to the minutiae of optimum engine design.

The questions were neither relevant to the case, nor remotely understandable to some of the most innovative, genius inventors of the time - basically resembling total trivia.

Why did they do this?

Simple. The newspaper wanted to prove that Henry Ford was really not the genius that many were led to believe

This strategy was - in the newspaper's opinion - the perfect way to fuel the Anti-Ford movement; validating the conspiracy theorists beliefs that Ford's wealth must have been the result of illegal, despotic business shenanigans - NOT from any superior business skills or marketing acumen.

For days, Henry Ford remained unperturbed; seemingly oblivious that he may well be appearing like an arrogant, ignorant imbecile (which was exactly what the newspaper's lawyers wanted to paint him as).

Stoically, Henry Ford endured the circus show - repeatedly stating that he didn't know the answer for each puzzling question after the other.

Once the "Spanish Inquisition" was done, the newspaper's attorneys were so pleased with the "obvious" success of their brilliant strategy that they all looked like a group of Cheshire Cats after a big meal - "fat, dumb and happy".

But then Henry Ford was allowed to have his say...

Addressing the judge, the lawyers from both sides of the litigation, and everyone within earshot of his voice, he said this:

"Sir, on the desk in my office is a rectangular box with a row of buttons on top. Each button activates a different signal when pressed.

Anytime I don't know something I need to know at the time to help me solve a particular problem, I press one of those buttons.

An electrical signal is sent to a receiver at the end of the circuit.

And at the other end of each circuit is stationed a different subject-matter-expert from every specialty in business.

The panel consists of globally recognized leaders from the academic, scientific, engineering, design and prototyping, personnel management, manufacturing, and marketing sectors.

Their sole purpose is to provide me with whatever information I need, whenever I need it. And they will most definitely deliver that information to me immediately or risk losing their well-paying jobs.

So, now I will ask you a question, just one simple question:

Why should I clutter my mind with useless information that I can quickly and easily obtain, when I can use my mind, energy and time more efficiently solving real world, important problems?"

After Henry Ford asked his question, the courtroom went deafly silent - so quiet that you could literally hear a pin drop.

Since the newspaper's strategy hinged upon proving Henry Ford's ignorance, the judge quickly ruled in Henry Ford's favor.

Any appeal submitted by the newspaper became moot.

Imagine that?

Lastly, I want to mention that we know have a lightning fast version of that box with the buttons on top and its circuits.

It's called Google and the internet.

"Google is like our version of the Oracle of Roman times. Never before have we had instantaneous access to virtually all of humanity's collective written knowledge - complete with HD audio and visual effects too!" - Elon Musk

As a final note, I'm hoping that our treasure trove of accumulated knowledge, our "Library of Alexandria", will be safeguarded by our current technology.

See: beliw average -blockchain-permanency-preventing-another-alexandria-and-the-significant-paradigm-shift

Upvoted and following you now.

Namaste (I recognize the divine in you, my friend),


Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging.