Good morning everyone and have a nice week!

in life •  11 months ago


Hey Steemians, I want to wish you a wonderful new week with this inspiring photo I have taken on my way from Dohar to Malé in the Maldives in October 2017 and from there to the Vilamendhoo Island! 👍✌

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Very good morning too you Boss @future24 . Very cool photography


Thanks @angryboy and enjoy your week! ✌

Beautiful view from the window. Below on the islands, there are a lot of geckos. If you look closely, you will not see them anyway.

Прекрасный вид с окна. Внизу на островах, очень много гекконов. Если присмотреться то все равно их не увидишь.


Haha yes, you are right @cranium! xD ✌

Wishing you a wonderful week too @future24. Lovely photo to remind us of warmer days. 😊


Hi @gillianpearce, have a nice week too and greetings from Berlin! ✌

Good morning @future24.
Wish you too a fantastic new week!
Nice picture


Thank you @samson12 and the same to you too! ✌

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Very nice photography @future24! looks very beautiful scenery, thank you for sharing and glad to meet you my friend ...

Fantastic photo!

I like the photos, that are made from the plane, and this view of the island is fantastic)

Lovely photograph. Enjoy your trip :)

I'm going to Maldives in a few months! Thanks for the picture!

so fantastic picture..nice shot 😘

O my God so stunning @future24 resteemed