📷 Sun & Shadow in composition! - Enjoy your day everyone! ✌

in life •  9 months ago


Hey dear blog readers, here is a great photo with amazing light compositions I have taken on one of the diving boats during my holidays in the Maldives in October 2017. Have a nice & inspired day everyone! 👏👍

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

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Oh schöner Sonnenuntergang 😊


Danke dir @vikisecrets und Gruß aus Berlin!

Thanks, captain!


Thank you too @sulev! 👍✊✌

Thanks so much for putting this up. Keep it up dear.

Schönes!!! 💙🐚🐟😀

Boom 💣

Quite a nice photo, liked the blue nuances creeping across the picture, and also the overall vibes, radiating positive energy 🙏🏼

Have an amazing day yourself!

Otherwise, if you happen to be into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around!


Thanks @williamwest and have a nice day too! 👍

@future24 i have confirmed it that one of your hobbies is travelling around the world by water.
Cool photograph


Thank you for the feedback @samson12! 👍

Tolle Stimmung, sehr schöne Aufnahme :-)


Danke dir @mikenero und Gruß aus Berlin! 👍

Magnificent photo, you are right.

Великолепное фото, Вы правы.


Thank you @cranium and greetings from Berlin! 👍✌

Wow. Maldives. Its look like paradise in the pics i saw in internet. I wish i can go there..


Hi @avika, yes it is really beautiful in the Maldives and it was my dream to visit this place too. Im very happy that I was able to achieve this goal and Steemit helped me a lot with it too. 👍 Steem On, best wishes for your goals and greetings from Berlin! ✌


Wow,, its really cool. 👍
Thank you friend, i hope i can reach my goal someday. Hope u had wonderful journey. see u around. 😊

Wow. Nice. Enjoy the sea breeze.

Very good


nice picture