The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Supports Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

in life •  8 months ago

Well I am still working hard on trying to get funding for my documentary that I talked about in earlier posts. In a way, I am happy that this entire process was delayed, because it gave the chance to realize that there are a lot more people to blame out there, than I first thought. Nevertheless, seeing that Mr. Gates has been illustrating some strong reservations about cryptocurrency over the last few weeks, I decided to contact his charity to see if they could offer me a grant or some form of a assistance to start my project.

Seeing that so many people have lost their life savings - for some that took decades to amass, just for some " crypto genius" to take it in a few months, I thought that considering that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations was all about unearthing the inequities in society and protecting the weak and helpless, that they would be a perfect catalyst to prop up this project. But I guess from their response, they want nothing to do with it.

I guess when people in Africa lose their homes to war or violence, their resources will be there in full force to help assist these people. But when people lose their homes to what is in my opinion considered financial terrorism, they rather just turn a blind eye to it. It is sad how some of these charities operate, unless you are operating as a corporation or not for profit entity, they could care less about your story or what you are trying to accomplish.

I just hope that the other organizations that I have contacted will be more forthcoming with their responses, instead of just firing off a boilerplate response.

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