Planting A Flag In Bulgaria And Finding Freedom

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Here is a clip from a speech I gave during the 2018 Elevation Tour in Portugal and Spain in which I discuss how moving from the U.S. to Bulgaria unexpectedly opened up a world of opportunity and allowed me to enjoy more freedom by internationalizing my life.

"Planting a flag" is a reference to Flag Theory, the idea that setting up different aspects of your life, i.e. citizenship, residence, business, banking and leisure, in different countries, or jurisdictions, allows you to maximize the amount of freedom you enjoy. In this clip, I explain how I not only attained more economic freedom, but also more social freedom, by moving abroad.


I get the social freedom point you are making. It's not like I came to Bulgaria and became a different person, it's more like there was no pressure (real or imagined) to act any particular way. That is very freeing, indeed!

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Thank you, btw!

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My pleasure, Sam.

Glad to hear our land has provided you freedom and happiness. Keep on doing what you love!

Blagodarya mnogo!

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