One Yeti's Perspective #215: It's Not About Me....

in life •  7 months ago

Vlogs are becoming one of my favorite things. As I am on my journey through life, this gives me the chance to share the growth. I have had an over whelming feeling this past year's not about me.

I mean any of it. I feel that God is using me and my life in a big way for others. The only issue is me, trying to not be selfish. I love people and will give my all.....but how do I not have a crappy attitude while doing it.

Life is full of people. We meet new people everyday, and we never know who might need us. I hope I am ready when they do.

Be well. Be encouraged. Be radical.

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Nice post all word show what you share in this post .my english is to poor .can you want to come india becasue india is a sweet country

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Not a big fan of the new Ghostbusters remake, I think they should have left it alone. Good video. 👍


Haha right!