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Biocentrism, now there is a new age theory to explore.

In a world filled with Trump and Hurricanes and more Trump and Bitcoin and more Bitcoin.

It is refreshing to believe its all just a created environment, to keep us all sane.

We are creating our own reality as we go along.

No wonder we can never get anything quite right. If its all being created on the fly.

Of course we can never measure anything within the Quantum Physics Matrix.

As there never was, a Spoon!

We are Masters of our own made up Universe?

Quantum Physics is just an added feature of our enclosed jelly of a brain.

Throwing shadows on our existential Plato's Cave Wall.

The Ultimate, "Le Grande Illusion."

We can never break free from the bonds of our human condition.

If, we were to miraculously escape our Plato Cave bondage, we would find a Realm we could never understand.

A place so incomprehensible, because it is the source of a higher reality than the one we have always known.

So we will stick with the Blue Pill and eat the good Quantum steak and drink the Quantum red wine.

That we know now, does not exist.

Because that is who we are. Until Humanity 3.0 gets rolled out.

It's sad but somehow comforting.

Until then, "Here's looking at you Kid";D~

Read On!

An American researcher postulates that death is an illusion created by our conscience. So, when a person dies life does not end, he explains.

The new scientific theory suggests that physical death is not the terminal event that we think, it is only the change to a different level of existence.

As people identify our being with the body, and we know that biological organisms are going to die, many are increasingly convinced that the death of the body is also the end of our consciousness.

However, Dr. Robert Lanza, the scientific director at Advanced Cell Technology and an adjunct professor at Wake Forest University Medical School disagrees and says death is not real, it is just an illusion.

Dr. Lanza has published hundreds of scientific articles and numerous inventions and has written so far, more than 30 books, including Principles of Tissue Engineering and Fundamentals of Stem Cell Biology, two publications that are recognized as definitive references in science.

Lanza writes on his website how Death does not exist in a timeless, spaceless world.

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Woop! Woop! Woop!
I seem to have passed that Big Steemit 1,000 Posts mark, without even realizing it.

Life is indeed Strange and Dangerous.

But also sometimes, just sometimes , it's just as it should be.

Live Long and Prosper my Steemit friends.


good post


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Great post! I like it :)
you said "We are creating our own reality as we go along." and this is exactly the subject of my new post, I think you will like it!


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