Dance with me 🔥Salsa & Bachata🔥! [Introduction/English version]

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Dear steemians,

Today I will tell you about my passion for Latin Dances and especially Salsa and Bachata! 💗

I practiced these two dances for about 2 years. Here is a presentation of these two Latin dances and their origin. And I have a little surprise just for you my beloved followers!


Salsa (spicy sauce in Spanish) is a popular music style that originated in the Hispanic community of New York in the mid-1970s, as a result of the musical evolution of various Latin rhythms.


Salsa is a blend of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican music enriched with rock and jazz. She is dancing as a couple and differently depending on the country and the influences. For example in New York and Cuba, we do not dance the same salsa!


Bachata is nothing like salsa! It's a romantic music from the Dominican Republic.


Appeared in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, during the 1960s, bachata conquered the Dominican population in the 1990s.
An orchestra of bachata includes synthesizers, percussion instruments, a bass and, especially, a guitar with a very high pitch. It is this last instrument that gives a unique sound to bachata.

It is characterized by romantic melodies, with often hot lyrics... in the good old macho latina tradition!

Like salsa, bachata is also danced as a couple where the man leades. Depending on the country, bachata is danced differently! If you go to Santo Domingo and Barcelona, you will not dance the same bachata! ^^

Currently, I am participating in a dance congress in Lloret de Mar (Spain). I am planning on doing a series of vlogs about it!!!!

Very soon, exclusive on @flaminGirl, just for you my "queridos" followers!!! I'm soooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😜😜😜😜😜


Bachata is the best! nothing better than taking your girl out for a night dancing. It took me so long to learn especially since i'm leading the dance along.

Great content love seeing peoples passions



I'm totally agree with you Dante, Nothing better! Bachata is my drug !!! How long have you been dancing??

I like to dance. I practice from time to time but I never dance neither salsa nor bachata. i like what you do. and I will wait for your vlogs impatiently.

Dance is life!!!! 😍 Thanks a lot my friend!!! 😉😊🤗

I'm not sure Dario and Sara are the best example of bachata, and the song they are dancing to is not really bachata either. Broadly speaking there are three different "recognised" sub-styles of bachata.

Theres Tradiational Bachata:

Bachata Moderna:

and Sensual Bachata:

So you are living in Barcelona atm @flamingirl?

Im spanish too, hope everything is going okey in barcelona, cause you know how much troubles was all this weeks ago.

💋 Kisses for you! 💋

Yes @selected! I'm french but I lived in Barcelona since september!!! And I love it!!! Zero troubles, just fun and bachata 😉🕺🏼💃🏼🤗.
💋 Saludos de Lloret 💋

Yeah well i asked u about the troubles thing, cause the independence sutff and all that happened.

But yeah, barcelona is lovely and spanish people too. Enjoy your bachata! 💃🏼

I dance salsa and bachata as well! 💃🏼 I am so excited that you plan to write about it! 😊👍🏻

Really!!!??? That's so cool !!!! 🕺🏼💃🏼🎧🎶🎵🎵

Amazing as always, go through my blog and see my new content, greetings

Thanks my friend! 😉

Bachata is not to dance with anybody!
Go, girl!
Dance, dance, danceeee! 😎

Dance is life!!!!! 😍🔥💃🏼🕺🏼🔥😍

Do you do any East Coast Swing / Lindy Hop?

Not yet. I have to try 😉💋

Hello @ flamingirl your amazing, I really admire people who used to dance latin dances, because I know how it hard to have a perfect and and feet gesture. I used to dance different latin dances before, and I love it, I really enjoyed it. How I wish you could taeach me personally hehe..

Thanks for sharing!
Keep posting


Yes it's a lot of work to have perfect gestures! But when you love, everything is possible.😉
Thanks a lot for your nice comment my dancer friend!!!

Yes, difficult training, not like other genres. But yeah all you need is hard work and determination, especially discipline :D

You're welcome my dear dancer friend ..

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