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The day is Monday! And the time is... well, morning! Let’s try one of those little motivational thingy, shall we?

A few moons ago, I came to the realization that the most important thing I could ever do in life was to love myself like crazy. This stance has always been borderline crazy as it could easily be interpreted as “be selfish”. I have given it a fair share of deep thinking and I don’t think I can probably change your mind if you already, by default, see it as being selfish.

I’ll argue that being selfish in this case isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Overall, we’re taught to love and lookout for others, make sacrifices, and put others first but you really can’t do all that effectively without first loving yourself. Think about it.

One thing I try never to do is to hold on to regret and blame myself for stuff that’s happened or is currently happening. I don’t think there’s a greater disservice you can do to yourself than this. No human is perfect. What we term “mistakes” or “failures” are just stuff we tried that didn’t work as planned.

Now you’re not going to act like nothing happened when you make mistakes; acknowledging is way different from wallowing in it. Acknowledging you made a mistake is what you should do, after which you’re supposed to decide on the way forward.

How do you plan to forgive other people if you can’t forgive yourself? How do you plan to love others if you can’t love yourself? How do you expect to be all that amazing to people without having practiced on yourself?

There are lots of people that go around trying to make others happy only to go back home and wallow in depression. You can’t always be in the midst of people every second of your life. This is why building your entire life solely around “making others happy” cannot work. What are you going to do when you’re all by yourself?

Even if others genuinely love you and show this whenever you’re around them, what happens at those times when you are no longer around them?

Your life is yours to live, at the end of the day. Genuinely love yourself. Take good care of yourself. Do not do stuff that’ll hurt you.

Shake off the “Monday mood” because you love yourself and can’t allow yourself be sad over some job!

Try to always be happy with you.

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Very inspiring words you have said here. Loving ourself is the duty we owe ourselves, infact I don't think one can genuinely love others without first knowing how to love himself/herself. Nice one friend

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