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in life •  3 months ago

Alive at the bottom.
My fears turned to reality real quick
Now I’m stricken
with unending shivers and tremors.
The world is moving too fast in slow mo!

It’s a lot fun in your head
Standing face to face now you be feeling kinda dead
The world is on your shoulders you can feel it in your legs
You can feel the disconnect
Like your soul just left your chest.

It’s no movie...
what’s it going to be; the red or blue pill?
This is not Toy Story. This is not for glory.
You ain’t allowed to shed a tear cos you’ve got to be the strong one
But deep inside, you’re all gone.

What is it going to be; the red or the blue pill?
What’s it going to be?
What is it?
Truth is I’d rather not have any
but that’s in an ideal world and we’re like 3 million miles away from that...
I’m not ready for the blues but the reds come with “what ifs”
Extra baggage.

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