Removing hornets and wasp nests, i.e. departures Fire Brigade from Jadowniki to the local threats.

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Firefighters from Jadownik once again departures to remove nests of dangerous insects such as hornets and wasps. They are really dangerous near their nests. It is worth paying attention to a few facts but about that in a moment.

As I mentioned earlier, the hornets and wasps can be dangerous for humans, which is why fire brigade intervention is necessary when insects build a nest near buildings or places frequented by people. 

In places close to the nests are very aggressive. Therefore, if we notice their nests, one must leave the place without panic and call the appropriate security services. 

Insect bites like hornets for people allergic to their venom causes life-threatening anaphylactic shock. For other people it will cause painful swelling and redness. One hornet sting causes an injection of about 0.2 mg of venom. Statistics say that the lethal dose ranges from 10 to 90 mg of venom depending on the resistance to venom and body weight. Biting more insects can be a huge threat to life and health for all of us. 

If you notice a single hornets that are moving close to the building, you should watch this place with caution. When these insects will fly more and more in this place, you can be sure that this nest was built in an invisible place. Call the fire brigade without delay. The fire brigade leaves for reporting only if there is an immediate threat to health and life in public places. In other cases, you must call for a company that specializes in removing insect nests. 

Below are pictures of our guard's departures to this type of threats: 

- Jadowniki Staropolska Street,
- Sunshine Górna Street,
- Jadowniki Małopolska Street,
- Jasień M. Konopnicka Street,
- Jasień Nowy Świat Street,
- Jadowniki Prokopa Street,
- Jadowniki Wschodnia Street,
- Jasień ul. M. Konopnicka Street. 

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