Its Hard To Find Sanitizer, You Know? Im Loosing My Sanity Too.

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Is it happen in all over the world or only here?
Its so hard to get my hands on sanitizer.
I m someone that religiously using sanitizer even before this unfortunate event came to us.
I can use a bottle a month and keep stocking up atleast 3-4 bottle at home.

This is all it left from my stock:


I always carry two on my bag, the hand sanitizer and toilet sanitizer.
I put one near my bed so i spray my pillow and bed every night before i sleep.
I always carry at least 3 whenever i travel.
Etc... etc....

But now, i need to rethink again even if i want to spray it on my hands.
I will think like, “Oh i should find water and soap first”.
Its something not easy to do with someone with sanitizer obsession like me.


This is my most favorite sanitizer from all sanitizers that i’ve been trying out before.
They have 2 variant, lavender and rose.
Actually my favorite are lavender but i run out of it.
Why i love this sanitizer from klarens are because they dont leave sticky feeling on our hands and they smells so good and relaxing.
Oh, and very cheap too.
Price 25.000 idr for 60ml


This two are another sanitizer from a brand that i trust and i enjoy using.
They have a lot of variant, probably more than 10 variant and they all soooo good.
The one that i have for now are jasmint and coconut.
But, i need to use it carefully because its quite pricey.
I bought this for 100.000 idr for 30 ml each which is 8times the price of Klarens.


This one are toilet sanitizer but i think i will start to use it as a door handle sanitizer too.
I only use it when i went out of the house because you know, public toilet are dangerous wherever they are.
Especially when i travel, i always stay at the hostel with shared bathroom sooo this is a must have for me.
Price 26.000 idr


This past one are the one that i bought recently because of the crazy price right now.
I bought this from my sister’s friend who make it himself. I trust them because he is a pharmacist and make this on the lab.
And, they clearly put whats inside of this one.
But for now, i use it for when i want to clean a new packet or food that i bought from outside, and even money.
I wont put it on my hand because i can tell that it will be sooo drying.

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