I Miss Hang Out with My Friends

in #life3 months ago




Due to virus that recently come into our life, and the self quarantine, its been so long since i went outside.
Im not much of going out of the house person.
So when i go out, its only because i want to hang out with my friends.
Because i work from home and basically stay at home always, the time when i hang out with my friends are my greatest escape.

So, self quarantine by stay at home all the time will never be a problem to me since thats what i do all the time.
But i just miss my friends so bad.
We talked a lot in group chat but even do video call but its not enough.
My mood been so low lately.

This is such a sad situation.
But its not like there’s another option out there.
We need to protect our loved ones by stay at home.

The thing is, i saw on social media, many people really went into vacation mode now.
They went to vacation place, hang out with friends and even attended a concert.
Im so dumbfounded by what they’re doing.
When the whole world tell them to stay at home they just grab that chance to have a holiday.
So ignorant.
I just cant get how their mind works.

Mind you, you might have no problem on getting sick but please remember that you can make people getting sick. So you, can kill people with your ignorance.
If this is something like STD where only people that do it get it, its ok if you wanna do ignorant things. But this is something that you can get spread it to people that you might never meet in your life just by touching or coughing in a public space.

Anyway, please be safe to everyone of us.