The Wake of my Brother @istillrise in St. Peter-Imus, Lorega Cebu

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"All pain and sacrifices end at the right time". -Rayvic a.k.a @istillrise

"Ang kahumanan sa tanang kasakit ug pag.antos moabot ra jud sa saktong panahon" - Rayvic a.ka @istillrise

On his second day at the funeral, we are overwhelmed by the people who care so much for him. He was visited by his highschool friends, friends of his closest friends, family friends, his regular customers at time when he was working, relatives and all the wishes and sympathy from all the people left.

There will also be some steemians who will attend soon, the wake is at St. Peter-Imus, Lorega, Cebu City, Philippines.

He has been with some steemians last Saturday April 7, 2017 and was happy playing and interacting together with similar interests on playing dota, with him are @jassennessaj,
@mikeyurnero and the rest of Dota player steemians..

Some Friends and family offers food and drinks to serve for visitors

the wake

In times like this, i think he is really happy where he is right now knowing that he settled everything before he left, knowing that the people he love most will be alright is God's ways, knowing that he is loved and always love by us.

Brother, our angel, wherever you are, we all know that you are at peace and you will suffer no more in the Kingdom of God. Worry less, and keep watching over us always. You once said, your sudden disappearance is so soon, we saw it was coming but we knew how brave you are, how courageous and motivated you are especially to your son, how lovable and sweet you are to your wife, sisters, son and to mom. As your names says, enjoy up there, walk with His journey because you will never get tired in His arms.

Facebook messages from his friends and family.



You may view the previous post if you wish to hear the story.

I badly need your help, my one and only brother @istillisrise passed away. Our Heart-Survivor.

A heart Survivor Made it Here. Blessed to be on Steemit Now. Still I RISE - posted last month.


Thank you for reading, With love from him, family and friends.
God bless us!

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Condolences nemu og sa whole family, miss. :-(

i am out of words, but i am sure God will heal his pain and his heart , appreciate your kind message

I hope that God will also heal you and your family's pain for your loss. Everything will be okay, miss. Stay strong.

life must go on jud, webhave to be strong. The heavens will trully guide and protect him

May you rest in peace brother.

2018-04-12 19.48.57.png

2018-04-12 19.58.53.png

Photo of us playing dota 2 with other steemians last saturday.

ngkuyog pamo dota, 2nd day before xa nawala. Nalipay kaayo xa dri pag.ingon nya nako makigduwa xa sa mga steemians

nakikiramay po.. may his soul rest in peace..

he will find rest in God's arm, may the the heaven protect him @taminites

May his soul rest in peace

Condolence sa imo ug sa inyo family

Condolences to the family and to all those who know him. May he rest well in peace beside our Lord.