rainy day blues... getting productive

in life •  7 months ago

its sad weather today. Its raining and it seems it will do so for the whole weekend. That is not really the worst thing in the world since we have not been home for the last months during the weekends. It gives us the time to set some things in order since we really postponed some things in order to enjoy the good weather and spend time outside or at the lake or with family and friends.

We had originally planned to drive down to Locarno and do some walking and enjoy the Tessiner flair (the Italian part of Switzerland) but this has now literally fallen in the water.

So we decided to fill the day with practical stuff and ignore the sadness outside.

  • So now we are at home and have already cleaned the whole apartment this morning. I am still really happy I bought that Dyson Vacuum cleaner because it makes everything a lot easier.
  • We still have some things to prepare for our wedding party in Oktober and this dreary weather gives us the perfect opportunity to do that as well.
  • Writing a blog for Steem and checking my crypto portfolio (maybe buying some more SP?)
  • helping my wife @yogacoach out by doing an hour of yoga with a new Vinyasa flow she put together to help out with stretching that knotted office back(that one got me sweating a bit as well)
  • What else is there to do. I am working hard on my website www.cryptogoodies.com and on the new version of the website for @cryptoworldzug which will be uploaded to www.cryptoworldzug.io very soon. I am slowly getting the hang of this website building with Wordpress. There is a lot of reading to do and tutorials to watch but the skills are increasing.

@hashcash made the best suggestion to get in touch with @steemmonsters and @aggroed to see if I could put their logo on some shirts and goodies for my store and I am curious to see how that will pan out. Since the whole game is open source I do not see any copyright issues but its always nice to ask first right??


So here is the question, with steem monsters being as popular as they are right now, would you get a cool steemmonster Tshirt or some other goody?

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Yep, Steem Monster Tshirts sound cool.
With how crazy the game is going right now - I think they'll sell well.

Make them like the cards with Legendary monsters on tshirts being limited edition and most expensive. Or only make 50 gold tshirts etc. 😆


I will just start with some general ones but you might be on to something there...

Will keep that in the back of my mind