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Sounds like you have some good plans to develop the show. I indeed listened to the whole thing, and enjoy the philosophical exploration. Perhaps you pick apart one of the top current event news issues of the week to apply this philosophical analysis to. In this way you have more of a concrete theme of each episode, which will evolve over time. Also keep in mind that each of these episodes will BUILD your SEO exposure (of topics) over time, and therefore likely INCREASE the chance of drawing in more ACTIVE new fans and potential interview subjects...

Very good introduction to the nature of knowledge/reality. French philosopher Michel Foucault's theory on power relations sees knowledge as being shaped by a colossal struggle between the dominant and marginal discourses of society.

Great video! I struggled (and still do to some extent) with these issues of epistemology & communication in college.

One "solution" I discovered and resonated with is this way of speaking called "E-Prime" which essentially removes the ability for a subjective observer to make absolute statements.

For example, "The Apple is Red," vs. "The Apple seems Red to me."

I would also argue, however, that whatever objectively reality is, probably isn't objectively known. Because at the heart of science is observation, and observation (whether from a person, tool, machine, etc.) is subjective.

Hope to hear more about this from you in the future!

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