DIY - How to restore a coffee table.

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Hi everyone,

I feel like I haven’t written anything for ages and it is all due to busy life and stress! I find it hard to share good content when I feel down and discouraged. We are still in a process of getting a finance for our house and it is proving to be more difficult then expected. Once we overcome one hurdle, another one pops out. I don’t deal with problems that well and when they arise I turn too switch off, but that is not ideal solution so in the spirit of motivation, I want to show you another piece of furniture that we completed.


Starting with a little background story, when I found this amazing coffee table on gumtree, I was extremely excited. We went to pick it up first thing on Saturday and when I saw Tomek coming out with this little table I was disappointed. I was sitting in the car on our way back home thinking how we are going to use this small and run-down piece of furniture. I wasn’t to keen on starting this project but when my husband fixed up all the broken parts, I realised that this lamp table may have more use and potential then I anticipated 😊 It will be great addiction to the rest of the furniture that I collected.

The whole process got me thinking that people are a little bit like this table. Sometimes we might think that they are broken and used up to be a vital part of our life but sometimes underneath this façade there is new life and purpose ready to come out. All it needs is love and encouragement.

Is there someone that you might forgotten or person that would benefit from few kind words? Don’t wait till the next day, bring joy and happiness to people that needed most!

I will try to show you more furniture in future blogs. I find great pleasure in discovering inexpensive (sometimes free) pieces to upcycle. They are usually better quality and with some work can become true statements, bringing that special unique look to your home.

The process


Repairing all the cracks with wax.







After all the repair and sanding down, it was ready to be painted.



After letting it dry off, I put a stencils to make an nice top finish.





After more waiting for the paint to finish drying, I put a coat of bees wax to give it some protection and an oldish feel.




Hope you enjoyed it :)

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That scrubbed up nicely, and love the addition of the pattern on the top :) You went the extra mile there with the whitewash, I think I would have just painted it with wood oil and called it done XD

Sorr to hear getting finance and things has been a problem and there has been so many hurdles! Such is dramas when buying property though it seems, we've already brickwalled into a couple of things and we're right at the very beginning of stuff that needs doing DX

Hope things smoothe out for you soon :)



Same Ry. It wouldn't have even occurred to me to do the stencilling. I think it looks so much prettier with the cute design on the top. Plus it's pink, and we all love that!


Thank you! Pattern gives that table a unique feel :) and it is more personal then.

Great post, I think hard waste day will be a lot more exciting for me when it comes around this year. I'll be looking for old furniture to upcycle.


It is good way to save money and still have beautiful furniture:)

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Wow, this looks great. Good job.

Great job! I love the pattern on the top!!


Thank you

Hard-work pays off. Thanks for the enjoyable read