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I am going to pen down my feelings , how being a member of steemit I develop a positive attitude and adoration for writing and reading blogs , and gradually I found that my blogs were improved slowly and steadily, all of this is such a surprise because I never set a goal for my writing . I didn’t measure my progress in relation to some benchmark ,I never set a word count goal for any particular article ,today I am not writing on any particular topic , I want to share some of the thoughts that I know , I anticipate that these thoughts will help to give some positive vibes to you all ,

➢ “Never underestimate your power to change yourself ”
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➢ We become what we think about
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➢ Make a commitment and you’ll move Mountains
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➢ Turn your problems into opportunities

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➢ Your day goes the way the corner of your mouth turn
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➢ Getters don’t get givers get
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Ideation without execution is delusion
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^Awerness is beginning of transformation
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