My Cat Watching a Bird Video

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Mercury the Cat right up next to my 40" LCD TV watching a bird video. The twitchy random movements of the birds drives him nuts.

There are a ton of videos online specifically for cats. Well, they are honestly more for people to play for their cats so they can watch the cat enjoy the video. And in the shot above, I have an image of my cat, Mercury, as he is enamored with one of these videos.

Some of these videos have millions of hits. And knowing what we know about YouTube and it's censorship crap, you can bet that a bird video designed to allow you to enjoy watching your cat watch a video is perhaps the very last thing that will ever get censored. Also knowing what we know about YouTube's payout scheme, it seems videos for cats might become very profitable for anyone who uploads one of these.


Some of these videos are up to 8 hours long! And I've left them on for my cat when I go to work or will be away for several hours. And, I've found my cat sleeping on the stand I have my TV on knocked out cold by the serenity and peace he's felt from the natural bird sounds in these videos. The subject matter for these videos ranges from birds to small animals. And some of them are even of other cats. It seems cats like to watch other cats.


As simplistic as this idea is, there seems to be a lot of money potential for a good cat video. There is a built in replay as I am assuming a cat would not walk away from a video and remember they'd seen it before. Who knows? But also, the longevity of these videos beings to mind the idea that these videos will not go out of style anytime soon. And knowing how draconian YouTube has become with censoring truth seeker and conspiracy theory channels, perhaps a cat video is about as much political intrigue as they can handle these days.

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