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The last helth check of Facundo

in life •  last year

Hello everyone,
Last Wednesday Facundo had his medical checkup, and it was a very good day.
Usually we are a little nervous, because they usually give us bad news or they tell us that Facu must stay at the clinic , but this time was different.
He just got full of congratulations from his entire medical team.
It is in the 50th percentile, measuring 91 cms and weighing 13,100 kg, although the nurses of the home care say that there is an "error", because there were not the measures of the results given by the doctors. Mister Facu weighs even more than that.

Her physiatrist gave us some recommendations to improve his posture and her Neurologist gave us advice on how we can continue stimulating Facundo.

We leave a photo with part of the medical team that helps and gives love to "El Jefe"


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From the bottom of my heart, I wish Facundo the best of health 🙂

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