This Little Green Guy Never Saw Me Coming?

in life •  5 months ago


So, we've been having weather that you could use to fry an egg. Heatwave to the max! Which is good, but a little too much if you ask me. Anyways, I'm out in the garden a short while back and see this guy. A tiny grasshopper jidk g within our plants. But what got me was his expression. From this angle, it looks like I frightening the living **** outta him, lol! The red nose, gaping eyes, antennae drawn back. I mean, it's almost cute, lol! Wonder if you see it too?

He's chilling out here and enjoying this sunshine in the confines of his own miniature world. So, respect, little green brother. Don't let me disturb you!

Just rest yourself up and chill... :)

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Great photo, great description

It was a great capture! good blog!

Have you click this picture?

nice style, as I see, this grasshopper really enjoys the circumstances she gets on this tree,@ezzy,🙂

ezzy this is nice post