The Hottest Noodles You'll Ever Taste... Probably

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Another weekend afternoon and another trip down to the Chinese supermarket with the missus. She spotted these "dangerous" looking packets on display and burst out laughing. Why is that? Coz I already sampled them about a fortnight ago...

I mean, I am a fan of instant noodles as well as spicy ingredients, though don't eat this type of food too often. But these looked enticing enough, I thought. So, I bought a pack of 5 and tried them later that evening.

Jeez! The burn! I remember them taking a few forkfuls to really get going. But once the killer heat kicked in, it was game over. The effects lasted for at least the next hour. It's like a fire has ignited deep within your body and refused to go out! Beware this fiery packet if ever you come across it.

So yeah, I did get the question from her. Wanna give it another shot? As you can imagine, I quietly shooked my head and moved away...

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@ezzy, I also like the Noodles and not only about Noodles but i really prefer super spicy dishes because spicy stuff gives satisfaction to my tummy.

And for sure Noodles are awesome aspect and i personally have many great memories with friends when we were going to Chinese Food Centers.

And spicy food holds the great essence and in my opinion many do not prefer it but i really like spicy stuff.

I hope and wish that you will going to enjoy these Noodles and for sure these can give you the satisfaction.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

heh heh I would shake my head too, thanks for sharing it very important to know this @ezzy

I can eat 🍝every day noodles😊


Waaaaaahhhhhh! We are noodle sisters!

Will look out for these in my local. @ramengirl gave me some nuts from the same company I believe and they were really hot, but nice.

With some restraint, incorporating moment noodles in your eating routine likely won't accompany any negative wellbeing impacts.

There was a time a few months back when eating this became a trend here. It's weird that they're bought in a Chinese supermarket, because they're actually Korean ramyeon.