Stocking Up on Some Moon Cake For the Missus

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The famous Chinese Mid-Autumn festival is almost upon us. Of course, this is a time when the missus gets a little wistful, thinking of the celebrations that will be taking place back home. That's where I step in...

And no, I'm not buying us both a flight ticket to go China. Instead, she'll have to make do with an essential component of the festival itself. Some of that tasty Moon Cake. Now, I say tasty, but sadly I can't partake in feasting out on those tiny square snacks. I find them a tad salty for my liking. But hey, if the missus is pleased then so am I.

An evening spent making the most special person in my life happy, is most certainly time put to good use... :)

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wow, I wanna have all this 😍😍

I never tried the moon cake before. I often saw the moon cake at cake shop but I'm still afraid about the taste not good on my mouth.

How about the taste?

Wow man! You are still so caring after all these years! I am sure she will love the moon cake.

wow that looks amazinggift_40_anim_gif[1].gif

I love moon cakes so much! We don't eat them often because they are pretty expensive and have about 15,000 calories per gram. Also it takes 3 people to lift one up. But they are supernaturally delicious.

Todo se ve delicioso y precioso😍

Salty is because of the salted egg? If so, you can choose the without.
We have many flavours here and some aren't too salty or too sweet.

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