Out With Friends at Our Local Pizzeria... And All Because of Crypto

in life •  2 months ago

God, I'm so tired. Been a hell of a hectic day. The crypto market price plunge didn't help, even though they've now decided to somewhat stabilise. Therefore instead of staying at home tonight, I rang a good mate of mine to head out and enjoy the delights of our local Pizza Express restaurant.


You guys know a pizza called the Diavola? Well, that's my usual whenever I come here. Any base with trimmings of meat, chilli and cheese on it is where I'm at. So, that's exactly what I ordered. The great company helped as well. My mate is also an avid fan of crypto and got in early a few years back when all prices were pretty much rock bottom. After a lengthy discussion, we both came to the conclusion that these moves are nothing more than market manipulation at it's finest. Because of our small total market cap, the covert forces out there with "extra leverage" can push and pull the space in any direction it wants. That's just the way of it for now. And until the overall market cap reaches in the trillions, where it should eventually get to, we will bare witness to many more of these freak occurrences along the way.


Chilling in this place really clears my mind, you know. Many a time have I retreated to the solitude I find at Pizza Express. And as weird as that may sound, it simply works for me. We're both too damn camera shy so I opted to take a snap of the table we sat at. That would be the one on the far right. Another usual spot for me when I frequent at this establishment.

So, what did I take away from today's evening of "getting away from it all"? That talking to people really helps sooth the mind. When my most awesome bud, @exyle, is not around for us both to carefully dissect the current state of the markets with, people existing in my physical realm will have to make do. Cheers to you, Pizza Express, for providing a safe haven sanctuary filled with food and the ability for it's patrons to do some reflective thinking.

Where would I be without you???


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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"Cheers to you, Pizza Express, for providing a safe haven sanctuary filled with food"

I like "Ask Italian" for the same reasons. If I'm ordering in, with company, I like Dominos, cos vouchers, and I like those little meatballs they do.

There's something comforting about sharing a boat with other people. And in addition, scientists long ago proved that anything touching the lips makes human beings feel good, even if it's just the upper lip smacking the lower lip as you eat. :)


Lol, so true! Eating and great company is where it's at for me. Not much beats that out. :)

Sounds like a fun time with good food and company. Thanks for sharing @ezzy

Btw @ezzy just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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Many thanks, buddy! :)