Oh Man! I've had Enough of Selling Crypto!

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...Selling it to people, that is. And I don't mean the coins themselves. I'm talking about the ideology.

About a week back, we had some friends over. For a barbecue, in fact. And I just "knew" what the inevitable topic of discussion was gonna be at some point. Flipping crypto, that's what! Now, don't get me wrong. I love pouring my heart and soul out about it. Dissecting the intricacies of each coin's pros and cons, chatting about the overall market sentiment and bleating on about how transformative the space will be in a few years from now. But no, I'm referring to the worst type of person to converse about crypto with. The uninitiated.


You see, most of my friends here in the UK only know about it through listening to my personal endeavours. Though I know they do not nor plan to have any dealings with our beloved market. I know them so well. After all, the enthusiasm when I first got involved with almost a kind of hysterical excitement! Selling the potential concept to them in the hopes that they'll "get" it like I did. Alas, it all fell on deaf ears and I ended up looking like a snake oil salesman. Fast forward to the barbecue and and I was subjected to fleeting comments like this:

"So, how's Steem doing?" (Yeah right! Like myself and the blockchain hang out together and are the best buddies or something!)

"I noticed Bitcoin went down in price lately. What happened?" (What's happening is Bitcoin thought our conversations were running a little dry so decided to give us something to talk about.)

"Are you gonna cash out soon?" (Well, if it means not listening to your consistent bullshit anymore, I may well have to consider it.)

"Have you heard of Ethereum?" (No, I haven't. What is it?)

Can you tell me which coin has the best chance of going up the highest?" (Sure! I'd put everything into Bitconnect. I hear that it's gonna rebound back to the highs any day now.)

That's just a small sample of what I have to put up with. I mean, if there was a general interest in them investing or wanting to be introduced to crypto, I'd be more than happy to oblige. But oh no! I know where all this curiosity is stemming from. So find out how badly the markets have ****ed me over, that's what.

Do they have any idea about future development, long term HODLing or the actual use-case side of things? None whatsoever and again, I'm dead sure no intentions to find out either. It's this kind of petty small talk I do my best to avoid these days. Especially when the markets are down and the gloaters emerge out of the woodwork. I mean, it can actually be a lonely space at times. The life of a crypto investor requires iron balls and a skin as thick as a crocodiles hide. This is the part that the "muggles" are all to oblivious too.

I'm sure you guys can relate, to some degree, to this subject matter. So tell me, how to you side-step the vultures when they come out for feeding time?


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For most, I ask how their stock portfolio is growing?

Then explain, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

The one thing with Ethereum is ... if you mine it, you make a little every day. As long as the mines make more than the electricity they consume (which they currently do), you are making headway. There is no method, that I am aware of, to make a passive income like that on the fiat market.

Then, you tell them, since the crypto market is down, you need to buy the drinks .

:-) My glass is always half full.


Nicely said. But I think it's more the fact that they see crypto as a fad and not a real, long term asset class. Such are the minds of the narrow. :)

Lmfao...I couldn't stop laughing at the savage responses you have to those question . Damn! u have a great sense of humour.

Really you said it all, the worst set of people to discuss crypto with are the uninitiated. They know nothing about it, tend to make jest of you and ask stupid questions. Its even more annoying knowing that any form of explanation you give would surely go on deaf ears, then why have the conversation at all? Lolz...

I enjoyed reading this buddy.


Lol, thanks! Yeah, I'm glad I can use Steemit to rant about this stuff. :)

LOL good read, I have had similar conversations with associates, just reminds me just how early we are in the space and the untapped potential when so little of the public have any kind of understanding of the crypto landscape.


Most peepz out there don't have a clue. Just goes to show how early we are in the game. :)

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i like the part of your answer to those question! that's make my day

Great expression i like it,
Thanks for sharing this valuable post dear.

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Great expression i like it,
Thanks for sharing this valuable post dear.

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Hahaha! Oh man, Howie and I can relate to this so much, in fact I think you summed up both sides of a very recent conversation we had with a group of friends at a bonfire almost verbatim! As well as all of the sentiments. We're not discouraged though, it will rise again, of that we're certain. And the muggles will have missed out. Now we know what it means to be early adopters.

And steemmonsters- man I have always wanted to collect a first edition series of cards, one more thing to keep me smiling :)

Lol~can't stop laughing XD but i think for now better hold :)

yeah, thats typical response by non enthusiast. its fun when hanging with friends but when come to serious business just limit it yourself... some times its best not to talk about money with friends.

I new try to direct those kinds of conversations towards crypto that is actually useful like Steem or Ethereum. It helps expand the conversation.


Tried it. Total disaster, lol.


Ha! That's a shame. When I whip out my phone and show them how much money I've made on some Steem posts my friends are amazed.