Notice What's Wrong With This Picture?

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The missus and I are big fans of the Microsoft Surface series. Mainly for its robustness as well as how damn incredible those machines are and have proven to be.

But here is the reason why we'll never defect to "lesser" manufacturer. Check out our previous Dell. The thing has flipped a hinge and you know what? We took care of it! I mean no drops, spills or unnessary bangs. The damn machine literally self destructed before our very eyes!

So yeah. The purpose of this post? Beware plastic built laptops. Rising temperatures and cheap components are their worst enemy!

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I heard the hard sell
I too bought a Dell
But like a bad smell
It put me through hell


Appreciate the heads up @ezzy. That's so sad about Dell who purports to making the best Computers in the World....NOT !!

I used to be a fan of Dell but my last dell laptop is not up to my expectation so I left it and now moved to macbook and quite happy with it

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I bought a Surface Pro last November and it's my trusted companion when I when Hong Kong last December. Totally love it though hate that Microsoft sells things like the pen at a ripoff price. I bought a 3rd party from Amazon mainly because I don't need it that much but it works.:-)

Surface series are the best. I bought even refurbished and it's working like a champ