Introducing... The Bat-Cat!

in life •  7 months ago



This little girl has been with us for almost 8 years now. She's an extremely docile cat by nature and good thing for it too. As I do love to mess around with her. Make a paper dress for her to wear about the house for a while or, as you can see in the photo, decide upon a few different styles of attire she can have. Here, I've cunningly disguised her in a top hat... Only to reveal her true form in the next image. You'd never have known they were one and the same, right? :)

Lol, but all jokes aside, we do love her a lot. Just this morning, I discovered her sleeping at the foot of the the bed. She found a quiet corner to settle into and went off to sleep soon after. Having had a pet I adored so much in the past, it's these small things that they do that mean the most.

So, bless you Mini, for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives. But mostly, for having to put up with my antics. :)

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woww, amazing .... it's a cute cat. i love it @ezzy


Nice one... :)

She looks cute cat . Nice black ,white, brown mix colors .


Thanks. She's a sweetheart... :)

Mini is loving....... And you'll definitely savage Mini with much love than ever once is serving in its purpose ....... Is a cool to be with pet either.


She's a cool cat, that's for sure. Thanks for dropping by. :)


Pretty cool to have..... You welcome.

she's a cutie.💖💖💖