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I Ain't Going Down Without a Fight!

in life •  3 months ago

Against who, you might ask? Pigeons, damnit! Those pesky little flying vermin that keep on attacking our back garden every time we attempt to seed our lawn. Given the dry extreme weather conditions we've had, it has had an adverse effect on certain plant life. An unfortunate side-effect of otherwise a beautiful spell of weather. Though as the case may be for us, it's our grass out back.


Now, I know there's not much you can do about birds hovering over a garden and eyeing up any tasty tidbits lying around, but this air pistol has come in handy on numerous occasions. Not to glorify violence or anything, but shooting at a bird and striking it in the wing (not doing any damage, of course) can be a lot of fun. More so when it comes to protecting your own private habitat!

Not too long ago, a huge flock of them came swooping down over various gardens and devouring anything they could. Like locusts, they were! Now, we've got a few trees which seasonally serve up plums and figs respectively. These damn birds took mini chunks out of the fruit, whilst leaving the rest of the individual unit untouched! And all this destruction happened in a matter of minutes! It was infuriating as we love to use the produce to cook up recipe dishes at home and also eat them on their own. Those winged menaces completely took me by surprise that day. By the time I loaded up the gun, ready to go "Rambo" on their asses, they'd legged it out of there. Or flew, you know what I mean.


So, yeah. As petty a device as it looks to keeping the garden predators at bay, it has proved worth holding back several aerial assaults over the years. Just gotta make sure that this year round, I'm more prepared for this eventually than normal! :)


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It's a good way of scaring em of, I will have to get one that's got a good aim, or maybe it's me with the bad aim, lol!


I'm thinking of upgrading to a rifle with a scope. Aiming and practice all in one. I mean, might as well go all the way, right? :)


Haha yeah! That might be so good though that you end up night after night just peering through the scope out the window with your rifle muttering about them varmints! :0D

Build a scarecrow