A Game of Calculated Thinking to Challenge the Mind

in life •  5 months ago


The cold has kicked in. And rightfully so, given all the crazy heat we've been enjoying for the past few months. So, whereas before I'd gone for a long evening stroll either with friends or the missus, today has a more "indoor" orientated theme. Switching the computer and sticking a game on would be all too easy. No, I reckon a little change would top off the day nicely. Game of chess, anyone?

In my younger days, I absolutely loved playing this. Especially in college and the masses of us students that would go up against each other at lunch break and after school. It certainly produced some fond memories and thus heightened my enthusiasm for the game. Sometimes it' so obvious why the youth of today can come across so dulled in the senses. In a world filled with fast paced lifestyles and short attention spans, a pastime such as this wouldn't go amiss, I'm sure.

Luckily, my wife loves a game of two as well. She also enlightened me about the "Chinese" version of the game, which I'd love to learn someday. But for now, this'll do nicely. GTA V! I'm sure you can wait a while. Tonight is all about retro madness and turning back the clock. And possibly a sneaky round or two of my favourite drink as the perfect compliment to this evening's relaxed entertainment.

A Double Malibu and coke. :)

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