"Wow...you have gotten pretty fat".

in life •  5 months ago

How do you keep a life blog?

It's not that hard as long as your honest.

Almost everyday something will happen that I enjoy writing about.

Like today.

I open the door after a loud knock around 13:00 and I see the window washer guy.

I have not seen him in a long time but apparently he is back!

The very first thing that he says:

"Wow...you have gotten pretty fat".

"That will be 12 euro."



I had a business for many years and there are things you don't do in general.

Insult you clients being one of them.

He's lucky with me because I don't care :)

It's not like he was lying..lol.

But I got to admit hearing it from this guy hit more home than from others.

I have been trying to eat better lately and I thought a lot about what I want to do with my food intake.

I had some good advice from people on Steemit which I'm grateful for.

I sort of deducted that I'm not really addicted to food as in "I need something sweet" or "I need KFC".

In general I'm just hungry and I'll eat anything put in front of me.

What it is doesn't really matter.

But obviously a cheese sandwich is easier made than a tuna salad.

Just like a pizza is easier ordered than a grilled chicken I made today.


So making sure there is always something semi decent to grab nearby will be key for me.

I therefor made some extra chicken for tomorrow.

And even though we have 4 crates of food to go through I bought some extra vegetables from the market today as well.

Trying to figure out how to eat better is as hard for me as it must be for someone else to figure out what blockchain is.

Carbs in the morning or not? Protein when and where? All that stuff....it just bores me.

But we soldier on and let's see if I can keep it up for a while!

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This guy is up to no good.
He is judging and ask for the tab.
I do not see your diet has any issue.
One thing I do remember you need to start exercise early
for steemfest 3.
You did it last year and it was fun following your progress.
You called it steemfat.
Keep on postin'


There is no target date for Steemfest! That would help.

"That will be 12 euro"

Kiss my ass lol!

You should try intermittent fasting a couple of days a week.

Hello beloved @exyle, I tell you that I know it is not easy to stop eating the things that you like, and less to eat food exaggeratedly healthy, that is not very nice, after you have given everything a bit to your body , but if you have to think a little about your health and well-being, try not to eat heavy things at night, coo meals, carbohydrates and things that make you fat, you should eat, cereals, cookies, fruits, and salads, that will keep you and It will help you lose weight faster, but without starving yourself. Greetings dear friend.

If you crave sweet stuff, at least consider switching to stevia instead of sugar. I recommend looking up stevia.

It can taste a bit weird and strong at first, but once you get used to it, it's a much better choice than sugar. You never really quit a habit, you just replace it with something else. That's the key.

It sucks, but the fact is that once a habit is formed in your brain, the box where that habit is, will always exist. You can't get rid of it.

All you can is try to fill that box with something better.


It sucks, but the fact is that once a habit is formed in your brain, the box where that habit is, will always exist. You can't get rid of it.

Yeah, it's the reason I have not even tried a smoke after I stopped 6 years ago to 'try' it. I'm sure I'd love it.

I asked Bianca about Stevia. We have it. I'll give it a try.

It's not like he was lying..lol.

Lol Sometimes when you hear it from people whom you don’t see very often, such as this window washer guy, is much more eye opening then when you hear it from the closest once. Sometimes your closest once may not be that reliable if you know what I’m talking about. At the end all that matters is how you feel.

In general I'm just hungry and I'll eat anything put in front of me.

Likewise! Even though in the past few years I’m trying to eat as much healthy food as I possibly can.


Yeah eye opener indeed. I feel great though so that's good. Just have to make some tweaks here and there.

Pizza is the best compare with any others food. i love it.


I love it to but not had it for a month.

Having healthy stuff to hand is the key I think and keeping it simple.

Trying to work it all out is, as you say, boring if you're not big into it.

All this food advice seems to change from one month to the next and is just as prone to fads, as is clothing, in my opinion.

You can't eat this and you can't eat that. This isn't good for you but this is the new super food drives me nuts!

My, my. Aren't I grouchy this evening. 😂 😂 😂

No wonder. It's 8.00 pm and I haven't had my dinner yet!


8pm and no dinner! I understand you grouchiness completely!

Mark @exyle I am like you and you will eat healthier knowing that you feel better when you do. The one thing that really helps me is that I tend to eat only one piece of fruit for breakfast like a banana or an apple. Thats it nothing else.

I admire this post. I can relate to it very honestly as I used to be morbidly obese and did a diet to which I lost over 160 pounds and have kept it off for almost ten years now. I wish you much luck and will continue to follow you no matter what you eat or don't eat! :) Good luck! And I've seen some of the things you've made and they don't look unhealthy. Just remember that carbs do turn into sugar. :)


160 pounds! wow that is seriously impressive. You should be very proud of yourself.


Well, like you, I had a client that used to come into my place of employment to pick up packages to deliver them to another office and one day he made a comment to me that really hurt my feelings. I decided to do something about it. Not because he said something, but for me. :) Good luck with your mission!

Leave all these healthy diet. They just a new way to make fool of others and earn. The only rule you have to follow is eat that much calories which you can burn. Just easily and you will never get fat

Hi @ exyle, i think most of the people have this problem. I had this problem, now I'm okay. Do you know how ? I don't have any foods at dinner time ,only some fruits and go to bed very early, so don't feel hungry but the problem if i go to bed late night then feel more hungry but only fruits and the morning bread,tea and lunch time everything fish,meat,vegetables as much as i can but no foods at dinner except fruits. So you can try this, think you will get best result within 2 weeks.

Who cares as long as you are happy. I hadn't seen a friend/colleague for about 16 years and ran into him the other day. He said that I had aged and I laughed not insulting him but pointed out he was bald and had some serious wrinkles. Lets put it mildly life hadn't been kind to him.

Whatever weight you have put on is not serious as one can lose it with a little effort. I put weight on and lost it and am comfortable with myself. I am glad it doesn't bug you.

Damn those window cleaners of truth!


I know! (ps. Steemify beta has started)


Woot woot!! Awesome. If you still need someone to help shake it down let me know!!

So instead of meal planning you can have fridge planning. Keep always something handy in there .............. something healthy.
That should help, right? If it's just matter if grabbing a bite irrespective of the dish, then maybe something healthy in the fridge might do the trick.

chubby is cool and like i approach it.. quality tools hang under an off-roof lol


That was blunt and insensitive of that window washer. However, most people gain weight with age. As we age our metabolism slows down, probably in your teens and twenties you could get away with eating lots of junk food. The answer is to reduce or find a way to burn the extra calories otherwise they go straight to the belly/mid section and other unwanted areas.


I don't mind getting older but that metabolism part sucks :)

My wife does a good job of making sure I eat healthier. I know you have already gotten a ton of advice, but one thing that works well for us is prepping our meals for the week ahead of time. If there is something already made that we can throw in the oven, that keeps us from going out or ordering in. When we are in our regular flow, we keep one night a week for eating out or ordering in. It helps a lot!


Making sure the right stuff is in the house and possible prepared already will help me too.


For sure!

Haha that's hilarious well maybe not for your because its an insult but I think your onto something here, so when your next in needs of a true honest opinion just ask your friendly window cleaner, but I do guess honesty will cost you 12 euro a piece @exyle

Bravo @exyle as a good Italian I support you in your choices, eat what you want with more vegetables and walk or ride a bike every day and you'll see that it does not increase weight. enjoy your life. ;)

I think you should eat more of vegetables and reduced your carb intake as much as possible.That's my idea on this @exyle

food havits is one of the cause of fatty change. specially junk food is so harmful for us.
it's really an interesting article dear @exyle

Eating healthy foods and excercisng regularly will help to keep you fit and reduce your fat, please don't blame the window washer guy he was just expressing what he sees in your body shape . I know you are doing your best to reduce your weight you just need a proper low fat diet plan

He sure was honest in his opinion ;)

While I do agree creating contents and if it is about the life than sth eventually comes up :)

While liked the food by the way !

I see it very well and healthy every day, eating is one of the pleasures of life, but we must eat healthy as today, this dish is very well prepared, it looks exquisite and healthy, if you do not feel good with your weight or your health, I recommend a nutricionesta that is a specialist to recommend a good diet.Greetings..

To be frank, you are getting more fat day by day, he is right just about that. I guess the gym has shaped you more. Aren't you going to diet?

That chicken that you prepared will fall very well for your exercises

It is important to maintain a healthy diet because the older we get more difficult to lose weight and those small carelessness in the food are fatal to us, either way that food looks delicious I hope you enjoyed :)

A wonderful dish, my friend and your chicken in the photo looks very appetizing, so I'm sure it's very tasty. You are right, of course we must maintain our figure in the norm, but sometimes you can also pamper yourself, for a sense of life, haha. Thanks Mark

Well you make so much good and delicious food its hard to keep up twith the fitness hahah