Vlog #108: Steemit earning 2016-2017 calculated by a witness + Account security.

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My sister sent me a bunch of texts yesterday! Listen to the Radio...listen tot the radio! They are talking about Steemit!!

(Even though she does not use the platform yet, she reads my stories sometimes, She knows how much I care for it, I loved her enthusiasm.)

It was true. Roeland was invited to a Dutch Radio Station called BNR to talk about Steemit and Steemfest. Pretty cool right!

Slowly going mainstream :)

Steemit earnings

Trying to figure out what you earned on Steemit with blogging and commenting can be challenging. After a tip from user @englishtchrivy I asked a witness to run a query to find out.

I joined in July 2016, that year I earned $679 with blogging and commenting.

It's really handy to be able to get these overviews for taxes and other purposes in this way because it would have taken me a lot of time to calculate everything myself.


Account security

I see more and more phishing attempts on Steemit. Just remember that you should never log in or give your master password or owner key to anyone.

It's possible to login to Steemit with passwords that give your account 'lower' permissions.

If these get hacked it's no problem because you can always change these 'lower permission passwords' with your 'highest permission password'.

On Steemit the password that gives you the lowest permission is called the 'posting' password. Also, know as the 'Private posting key'. With this password, you can only post, comment and upvote. Nothing else.

This is the password I recommend you log in with on a daily basis.

You can find it here:

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Really great information on the tax front. Having a witness run an inquiry report would save a ton of time. I presently keep a spreadsheet of daily earnings for Steem and my other income producing investments and it can become quite tedious at time. Much appreciated.

Also, really good information in regards to your keys and the importance of being smart with them and keeping them safe. This is very good information as Steem is the introduction for many into the crypto space and they're not familiar with the protocol regarding passwords. With all the funny business going on regarding phishing attempts, this is extremely important. Resteemed.

Great vlog brother and have a great Sunday!

Thanks for the information, i never know about this posting password.

the more i think about it the more i agree the postingkey should be much safer to use when no need to make transactions.

It will really get exciting again if STEEM passes $2.50 USD because that will mean we are growing at a clip where the main stream will want to join STEEMIT.... @exyle nice tip on the earnings calculation for tax purposes.....

#Hope-never-dies :D LEts hope for steem to reach 2.5 and above :D

@hassanabid I am right with you on that $2.50 or even much more for the price of STEEM..............

Steemit being featured on the radio is a great step in the right direction. Hopefully more small steps will follow in the future.
600+ in your first year is quite a good achievement. Sometimes all it takes is one (or multiple) trending post(s).

ah it's good, really steemit deserves to be broadcast on radio because its success is progressing over time

Tnx for sharing. Did not know, that I can find out how much I earned on Steemit. If I do my own research it will take forever. Your earnings in 2016 was probably a joke comparing to 2017 :). Congrats on huge progress.

It's strange that you pay taxes on steem without converting it to fiat. I mean is it technically income or an asset ?

My accountants or still busy with it. I consider it more an asset than an income.

But that asset can have massive value fluctuation. At what point do you evaluate it? I think your accountants don't like you a whole lot :))

It depends on where you live. It would be foolish to just assume "they tax can't me because I don't want them to."

In America for example, the IRS has already laid out basic regulation on how to handle cryptocurrency income - and you do need to pay taxes, or you are committing tax fraud... Not saying I agree with the system, but that is how it stands today.

I meant it is difficult to tax something that can be worth 100.000 today and maybe 50.000 tomorrow. Also what's the point of privacy then, if you have to declare that you have x amount of a certain coin. I just question the practicality of it

fantastic post @exyle, it's nice to hear that you get your steem earning spread sheet from one of the witness to calculate your taxes that's great it's rather easy to pay yearly tax then pay for 5 years collectively, you also talk about phishing attempts on steemit i think all steemians are standing strongly together and they know that this is just an attempt to try and develop a negative image of steemit, i am sure the hackers are failed to do so and steemit is growing thick and fast, you tell us another great tip to try and use steemit with posting key in this way we are much more safe from being hacked or trapped, thanks you very much my friend for sharing your knowledge with us, stay happy and awesome and enjoy your weekend ahead.

Excellent tips i login in with my master password good that i saw your post.... Many thanks buddy and God bless :)

Useful information @exyle, you are right at the expense of passwords and keys, secure storage is the master password and secret key pledge e that we will sleep peacefully at night :) Also thanks for mentioning phishing, this topic is very urgent!

That's great news , They are now taking about Steeit every where, may be time to come Steemit will be like Face book.
Thanks for the information about password,

Interesting information. Thank you. I could see that you were not really earning much when you newly started, but now you earning alot. Great. I hope to be there soon.

Hii dear @exyle, very informative and statistic of your earning shared, very helpful blog that is , you also told about phishing attempt on steem account, thanks for telling about security, impressed and appreciated you on your nice efforts for this form,,,.. FOLLOW,,..

Tell your sister to join this platform also :D she would really enjoy and get addicted to steemit like we all are lol ! Btw steemit on Radio ? man Its really reaching to the sky ! :D

Perhaps in the future we will see tools to allow better accounting information from the blockchain. It would be nice to be able to retrieve this information myself without having to go to a witness. As I (hopefully) grow as a blogger here, I would like detailed accounting information for weekly accounting as well as annual taxes. Google provides me with good documentation showing revenues from Adsense/YouTube, which I then pass on to the accountant I use. I good set of accounting tools for Steemit would be great.

Thanks again for your excellent insights.

nice one but:

Wow exlye you did very well on steemit and your progress is insane! I wish you get more & more success on it!

great advice. lookin forward to chatting at steemfest 2, do you drink? let me buy you a beer, i wanna interview you as a podcast.

Yeah I drink beer :)

You did not disclose how much did you earn YTD 2017, haha

Thank you for the excellent advice, @exyle.

I never heard of the radio station BNR though xD But then again I haven't listened to radio in a long, long time...

Thanks for the great information about the security system if hacked some how. You had earned enough from steemit community, please help me too friend I know this is the community where without sharing and caring no success is available. Thanks for the nice post, wish you and your princess a very beautiful time. Stay blessed friends.

So basically, it's risky logging in with our master key, and it's possible to use other generated keys to log in?

Yes. Keep your master key safe and never use it. Use your posting key for daily activity. If you want to transfer funds use your active key.

Steemit is like inception. Everyday there's something new to learn. Thank you for the tip!

Actually this is very useufl post for learning about how to secure our account from hacking and phishing attempts! Yeah STEEM will go to moon! STEEMIT will make that booster or the rocket! So we should protect our account from those hacking and phishing attempts!


Great start you had into this platform slowly and steadily you gained the momentum not you are an inspiration for others too to get started really helping others too along this journey and really thanks for the security thing there very useful as some still don't know that

Useful tip. A question, what's wrong with logging in with my master key on my own PC? How is it harmful?

You're aware of steem.supply, aren't you?

It's just a security risk. Think keylogger or other malware that picks up your master password. (or something I haven't even thought off). There 100% no reason to use your master key except if you intend to change your keys. I know it sounds paranoid but once you are long enough in crypto you became very aware of this stuff.

Ooh ooh (Phoebe style). Thanks buddy.

Hi @exyle, First time here and found this valuable piece of advice:

On Steemit the password that gives you the lowest permission is called the 'posting' password. Also, know as the 'Private posting key'. With this password, you can only post, comment and upvote. Nothing else.

This is the password I recommend you log in with on a daily basis.

I appreciate your efforts to serve the Steemit community. Keep it up man and stay awesome. You got a loyal fan and unconditional support.

Steem On!

It's great to hear that Steemit is everywhere on the news these days. I would love to have access to a tool where we can get the total earnings like you showed above!

Wow! Before now, i had no idea about the lower and highest passwords. This is really cool. Everyday im learning here. A big thanks to you @exyle. And it's also cool that steemit is getting mainstream. And I am happy to tell you that two of my sisters are also interested about steemit. They always ask me about my work, and really exited about this platform. I think, they'll join us here soon ☺ Insha'Allah

Hi @exyle, Hope you're doing good. Although I have followed you earlier, but never got a chance to comment on your post due to some personal issues. However now I'm fine and will comments regularly.
I'm very grateful that you shared a very informative and important point for common people i.e; Password protection. This thing shows that you have a very soft heart towards humanity. Keep it up man. Also I love the way your sister love you. This is mind-blowing. Stay Blessed!

Yup, that's what I did when I first signed up here, logged out and logged in with Private Posting Key. Many people don't know that they can't login with only "Posting Key" and that's where I made a mistake and wasted two hours figuring out how could I login with posting key!

And I wrote a funny post where I mentioned you as well "Some Funny Imagination (Quixotism) About Our Steemit Future - By Me And @beingnaveed Last Night". It would be a great honor for me if you read it and leave a comment too! (Not pasting the link as I don't want to be called a spammer :D)

Good post...Really like these statistics...very helplful.

wow is a interesting and amazing post for grow with new expectations

Tnx for the info. And that permission thing is indeed very handy.

It really sucks when you have to share it with the tax man!

@exyle - Sir, this is a valuable content to us. Nice you decided to share it Sir <3 Account security is the essential thing in this scammy work Sir :(

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Thanks for this information to help with taxes!

Thanks for the tips :),and will keep that in mind

Good post @exyle..
I like this post..👍👍

Congratulation for your achievements and best of luck for your coming days @exyle ! 👍
Thank you so much the securty warning !!👌
Upvoted .

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

So lovely, This so helpful to me. Thanks

Everyone follow me for upvotes

Stop spamming people with the same comment!

Thanks man that was very helpfull poste to read. I will follow your work. Good luck.

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