Standing in front of the exam office.

in life •  5 months ago

Yesterday was an important day for me and Bianca.

She had her first 3 out of 6 tests to become integrated into Dutch society!

On the picture we are standing in front of the exam office.


From what I gathered it went well!

The listening and reading were easy enough.

Only the knowledge test was a little tougher. (and after doing a test myself I understand why).

So good hopes there!

The next tests will be by the end of the month.

For the results of the last 3 tests we have to wait a long time.

They can take up to two months!

The wheels of government always turn a little slower than you want :)

I find the whole process Nerve-Racking to be honest.

I always read a lot about the process in the news but to be actually in it it's a different matter.

A lot is riding on these results in the end.

I would be happy when it's all over.

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That’s something!
Your help should make it smooth like butter.
Timing is everywhere, no sense of urgency on their part.
Keep her spirit high.


I am sure she will come out with flying colors...and become a Dutch!

Good luck to her!! I



Mark @exyle would this not be Cool if these Tests were all on the block chain and you knew the results almost immediately after you took the tests ??? Bianca @bkdbkd will pass with Flying Colors.............


Yeah, that would be ideal!

I am very happy, my friend, for you and Bianca, that you have already passed the 3 tests and I really hope for excellent results with the last 3 tests! I support Bianca and you, I wish good luck with the results! Thank you Mark.

I am really happy for her, I pray and hope she passes the tests excellently.



You guys are looking good together, even perfect, I'm happy she is getting along with her exams, a lot of sleepless night she had already. I wish her success. You have proving to be a good man beside her.

Wow, they really keep you under pressure. When I did the exam for US citizenship, it took only one day. The same day they told me the results. Anyway, I wish Bianca the best and not to stress out.

You have a nice talk " The wheels of government always turn a little slower than you want. " This is very applicable for our country.

@exyle, I wish her all the best. Over here in Nigeria, I don't think there's any test. Well in a place where almost everyone except me is trying so hard to leave, who would want to be a citizen.

I wish the process was faster than that, the tension is in that waiting period. However, am sure Bianca will excel in those tests. You two make such a lovely couple and should be together. Wishing you all the very best :)

Only the knowledge test was a little tougher. (and after doing a test myself I understand why).

Oh man, if I would have to take a knowledge test about anything Dutch, I'd certainly fail! I'm sure many Dutchies would.

I hope her results are all positive!


It's not easy but most you will know I think. I got a 35/40.

Good luck Bianca!!

Wow this governments tests can take quite long I mean the spaces within the tests, it's normal to feel tensed @exyle, well I guess you and Bianca would have to wait so more, the Dutch society is at arms length. What next after you get integrated?


Dutch citizenship is the next stage.

I bet that Bianca is relieved that the first part is over. If she found the exam easy then I am sure she did really well. I know that there is a lot riding on the results. To wait up to two months is pure torture. But all governments work on the system of hurry up and wait...

Well done Bianca!

Please pass on my congrats for getting that one over and done with @Exyle. 😊


Thanks, will do.


Thanks, well do.

I would be a wreck as well. You are correct about government processes being sometimes painfully slow. It is the same here in the U.S. I wish the best of luck to both of you.

I wish you luck! Its gonna be OK :)

Best of Luck Bianca!

Best of Luck Bianca
She's got a supportive partner in you @exyle
Keep been awesome!

It would be funny to see how many native dutch people would fail this test :)

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

Good luck both of you :)

Wishing her Goodluck in all her tests, and success in the upcoming ones.

to be a dutch society she do exam. It need universal knowledge. but Iam sure she knew better and she did well, and then go to next test.
as you say that wheel of goverment always slower than our expectation, so be patient, wait and see..
You will get the result...
warm regard from indonesia

i hope everything went well all the best to her :D

Thank you for keeping us in the know. Your posts are like watching a never ending tv series. Lol #keenlyfollowing
All the best to B.