Crypto thoughts with a beer.

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Very volatile markets at the moment.

I'm really surprised at how well Bitcoin Cash is doing. (+- $900)

Right now I'm pretty happy I was too lazy to separate them from my cold storage BTC.

It's covering some of the pain.

I guess I learned a good lesson from when I sold all my Classic after the DAO.


A couple of days ago I made a post about taking some BTC profit.

It ended up being the right move.

But I got to take my hat off to @acidyo for making a perfect prediction in the comments. And it seems @cryptofunk is not too bad at it either after all.


I met @cryptofunk at Steemfest 2 btw. Ezzy and I were playing some sneaky Streetfighter II away from our girls when he asked to join us. He kicked my ass. It was brutal. But he is a very nice guy.

Taking profits

I learned something about taking profit when I sold 30 Eth @ $365 not too long ago.

Once it is actually in your bank account it's extremely hard to buy back in when it goes lower.

It's like World of Warcraft gold that has suddenly turned into 'real' money.

It's just hard to part with it.

Before crypto, I never really had any substantial money so I guess that has something to do with it. I'm also a safer by nature.

As long as it is in crypto it's just less real.

I even can handle the 10 thousand dollar portfolio swings with ease but when Bianca asked me today if I could buy her 30 dollar shoes I was like:

"do you really need that?"

Thinking back to that moment I realized I'm turning into my dad, lol.

I'll correct that tomorrow. She out now with her girls.

I did buy some STEEM tonight. @.88 cents I think it was a good deal.

What also helps is that I got a plan for STEEM. Under $1 I'm buying until I reached my goal of 100K.

I'm almost there.

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Crypto money and money on your bank account feels totally different :-) Crypto Money is like an illsuion if you see your coins on blockfolio that is totally crazy. One of the most important things is that you do not have to sell any coins ;-) Just buy and hold good projects and even taxation does not bother.

Very interesting perspective. I guess if you are going to take profit a least stay in some form of crypto "Tether if you are feeling risk adverse". When you have cash in hand the temptation is to think about what you could buy "steak dinner" in the moment.

@exyle Thank You for sharing this with us. I need to buy some more STEEM too and will probably do so within a few days. Cheers.

Oh yeah, you're right, now the markets are feverish and I'm happy for you that you stayed in profit. After that, you can and beer with pleasure to drink with a good mood on the soul :) Thanks @exyle

nice post my friend, well it did surprise me also the way BCH moves but i thing after the news of dead fork the momentum is shifted back to other cryptos and we would defiantly see more gains in alts and BCH too, you make really wise decision again to buy steem @.88 and i agree with you it's always a great opportunity to buy steem under dollar, well you again makes great decision at right time and i am glad it turns out great, Stay awesome my friend and have a fantastic weekend ahead, thanks for sharing

You, ezzy and streetfighter is cracking me up ;)
I am a little disappointed you didn't take a picture of the beer...what kind was it? Would me boom be proud? (You put 'she' instead of 'she's' out with her girls...the buzz would make him proud at any rate, lol)
And shit, I'm pretty damn certain I followed you a really long time ago, now I realize why you haven't been in my feed. Don't know what happened there.
Lastly, I have the same plan-well to buy up steem at under a dollar, I probably won't quite hit that 100k mark but our winter business and lucrative time of year is beginning and hubby announced he's going to start throwing money at my account. I did not object.
Good luck to you! Good luck to us both ;)


Good luck to both of us!

"do you really need that?"
This is something call as DEFAULT question for me either lol :D But my wife also get it in a wrong way! It didn't me I won't buy that item to her! But it's comes out of my mouth without knowing lol :D I assure it will rise small problems lol :D That's the nature :D
Nice article as always dude!


I don't play the markets, but I'm happy with the steem I've made. I'm cloud mining a few coins just to have a mix. I just don't have the nerve to trade

I hope Bitcoin falls to around $5000 where is strong support, so I could enter. Steem under $1 is bargain price in my opinion. Like I said in previous comment, taking profit is never a mistake.

I can't believe steem swung right back down to $0.90. The price volatility of steem is giving me whiplash. ERGH.

Agree with you about Bitcoin Cash... my gut has a weird feeling, cash could be the real future of bitcoin. If the point is to enable a global transaction network, the original bitcoin model clearly won't cut it. Cash seems like a reasonable answer... but can anything pull the big money away from "Bitcoin Classic" as it stands?

Maybe after some kind of big industry-wise bubble bursting. IDK.


Yeah, Steem just can't seen to find any stable price floor, it's all over the place at the moment. But the amount of capital pouring into Bitcoin Cash is impressive to say the least. Today, BCH had $4 billion in volume, that's almost as much as Bitcoin!!


For now, I just keep them both :)

The market is brutal today. Oy! BTC was ripe for correction but the spike in Bitcoin Cash's price surprises me. It seems like a brief pump to me though, it'll be interesting to see how long it lasts.


It's still holding this morning. I just keep them both for now and see where this leads.

Children require new shoes more often than women. I had four sons who played soccer. $130 a pair twice yearly plus balls, uniforms, dues, and tournament expenses. Be thankful!


30 bucks doesn't sound so bad :)

Thanks for the informative yet funny. I lol'd at this.

I even can handle the 10 thousand dollar portfolio swings with ease but when Bianca asked me today if I could buy her 30 dollar shoes I was like:

"do you really need that?"

I agree with acidyo about BCH keeping satoshi a vision and supporting it but since I missed selling btc before the correction, from a investor point of view, I am not sure what to do about the BTC I am holding. What is your opinion on where it will go from here? Thanks.


I'm holding. I don't trade much anymore.


Probably a good idea, I have learned I should have held more often when I sold instead.

Love a good game SF! I told @opheliafu to not cook two quorn dippers in the oven today because it is such a small amount of food and waste of electric. I'm still in the dog house :/


O man! I can relate at times :). Loved playing SF2 man. Great times.

Ahhh so that was what you were up to with my hubby @cryptofunk , he is a Streetfighter Master.


He's a great guy! Very skilled at Streetfighter too.


Yes he has played a lot of video games.

100,000 is a great goal. I'm busy shooting for 50,000 and should be there soon. The question is will be able to stop once we're there? I think not!


You are indeed very close! It will probably grow for me because I don't intend to PD anytime soon.

You are totally right. You have to correct buying shoes for Bianca. She deserves it because she is good for you!

Love it. You’re becoming a sage. I basically just HODL to all except for trading altcoins and I took some off the top to refurbish our home-Christmas came early. Here in the states I am wary of selling because of taxation on ‘Capital gains’. And in my state, pot is not legal, so I cannot reason growing it, in spite of buying into GRMD’s pre-ICO token sale. I’m a stay at home mom, though. Think the IRS will come after me? Meh. Nice job, Exyke!

Where is the beer?



That is actually a good point. Kinda silly of me really. It was Grolsh.

Bountiful post will dony

Just this morning it was over $7000. I hope it doesn't crash. Your right it is really volatile.

nice post

Thanks for keeping us posted. The only good thing about the low prices is buying more at the lower prices.

I don't think I am ever going to learn this game.. the only thing I am proud of is my steem... started with 0. So all i have I see as 100% profit.. but its a cazy world.

Its really good idea investing in steem. As soon as possible i invest.

Hey @exyle how are you its great top see your post

a good informative post ...
thanks for sharing

good luck and good JOB in buying 100k STEEM ! i am confident this is also a right move to do ;)

Just buy some more EOS and enjoy your weekend! 😉

Its always a celebration when some good beer is involved. And Yes ; crypto is Party !! There always will be a winner to Cheers on!

Under $1 Steem I think is a good deal as well. I'm also surprised with what is happening with BTC/BCH. Bitcoin is great, but those fees are just too high for small transactions.

Nice. Work

Good blog

The more beer, the better the thoughts

hehe pretty cool to learn some great things from your post today

@exyle - Sir I had BCH & as an idiot I sold them & brought XRP.... Now I'm feeling very bad at the moment.... You got a nice move Sir.... Hope you will reach your 100K goal of Steem soon too....


Investing in steem, good idea. But i tot steem was above 90 cents today?

crypto thoughts with beer what a combo haha ! btw thats favor thing to do 😂

Steem steem steem ! After reading this post i am planing to buy some steem.
Thanks for the great informative post.this may help some user to solve their problems or doubts .

I do liked the part of becoming your dad lol
And as it sounds the deal of steem looks perfect man !

waw then you are a whale for real!