Back to my old work installing internet at my sister and breaking all given instructions while babysitting my niece.

in life •  5 months ago

My sister is moving and asked me to connect the internet in her new place today.

While packing all my gear this morning (that I hadn't touched in months) I sure got some flashbacks.

I have done that same ritual for ten years but it already feels like ages ago.


Installing the internet went smooth.

The lights came on when I got everything connected the first time!

I remember many nightmare installations where this didn't happen and many hours of calls to people that also didn't know why it wasn't working.

I was therefor very happy!

Of course not everything went smooth.

There was no wifi reception on the third floor.

So..I suspect I will return to install a the near future.

After I was done I quickly went to the school of my niece in Rotterdam.

I arrived on time and waited in front of the building.

When the kids were released she saw me and ran to me and gave me a hug.

We talked while we walked to her home.

There was a note with instructions on the table written by her mom.

I read it quickly and then binned it straight away because rules are for parents not uncles.

We went out for Ice-cream instead!

She had hello kitty (I have no idea) ice-cream with strawberry and sprinkles.

I choose the more traditional chocolate, pistachio and salted caramel.

O yes!


While typing this she is glued to her iPad.

Such a handy device.

I hope Sam will be glued to one soon because it's a lot less tiring then running after him while he destroys the house.

Apparently she is not allowed to us it for to long.

I don't mind. She's having a good time watching my little pony. What harm can it do?

When I was a kid I was glued to my NES playing Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

Could play it for hours with only one wish to be left alone :)

So I can relate.

Babysitting this one is a breeze!

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Training at all ages is good.
Well done.
You will never forget about your old duty.
Got to say I like your blog the other day, about the change in #steem.


Thank you.

Hah. I worked for years in sales for a mobile phone/internet service provider. Even though my position was in sales, we also did customer service a lot (solving a customer's problem was the best way to get a sale afterwards) and I get a similar flashback every time a friend or relative asks me to do something to their phones, computers, internet, etc.

The industry moves so fast, though, I'm out of the loop when it comes to new phones and tablets. It's funny, considering I used to know everything about every phone of every brand out there.

Now I don't even know that the newest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S models are.

I think the newest iPhone is the iPhone 8? And the current Galaxy S is the... S9? Maybe?


I'm the same. I lost all interested in that sort of tech. All I care about now is that it does what I want (I switched to Mac/iphone not too long ago for that reason, I like how it works together, saves me a lot of time.)

I'm already noticing that I'm losing other IT knowledge pretty fast. It moves too fast indeed.

Another thing I used to love was researching and assembling my own computer every 3-4 years. I could spend weeks finding all the best parts. The whole thought of doing that now makes me depressed.

How we change!


Yeah, I've been an iPhone user since January 2013, and will continue to be. The OS is so dumbed down, I love it. I have no interest in anything complicated when it comes to using a smartphone.

My one issue with the iPhone is that every model I've had has had the same issue of the battery getting significantly worse after the first 12 or so months.

I'm using the iPhone SE now, and the battery was great for a year. No issues. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it's gotten a lot worse.


I know the feeling @schattenjaeger, do you have kids? If not do you know any teenagers? Just ask them they will update you with all the latest tech mobile phones and tablets 😄

You are really cool and always up to something all the time, today is about getting internet in place and baby sitting your niece. I can say you are a grown up family man who is always take to his responsibility. Carry on man in your ways.

Wow so sweet your niece and nice to see both you are enjoying lot with hello kitty ice cream. Your niece would be happy because she gets freedom and out of rules today, so lets enjoy and have fun!

Have fun while babysitting your nice! In my opinion it's good that she's not allowed to use the ipad too much. It's healthier for kids to play more than gluing their eyes to a tablet screen. But technology has its role after all...

Lol rules are for parents? Hahahaha right, so you went to have a nice time with those flavours and did the little kid see the you tucked the rules away? 😀😀😀

What a wonderful day you had bro @exyle i love this nature of yours because you are really a simple guy with simple and sweet happy life,

Give my love to your cute niece and enjoy buddy.

Thank you for sharing such wonderful news, @exyle. Always good to see your work. Upvoted --- AND I just used the new tip feature to give you 1 SBD for this. Thank you for all you do! - Terry


Thank Terry. How do you like the tipping feature so far?


I love the tipping feature. It is a direct way to say more than words. It also gets people used to spending Steem to assist others. Did you have anything to do with the new tipping feature added?

rules are for parents not uncles.

or grandparents. 😂

Sounds you're having an easy time of it today @exyle. Have you watched 'In The Night Garden' yet?


Hahaha! So true! That show still gives me the kreeps!! And, what was it...4 square! Gah, where do they come up with this stuff.....


My daughter feels the same about it @yogajill but I actually like it! 😂


🤦‍♀️🤔🙈🙉 LOL 🤣😂


I just had a quick look on youtube. Looks mental! Then again when I was a kid I loved a dutch program called Tik Tak here. Looking at it now I wonder why I liked it so much :)


Well that was different @exyle. I can see why you would have liked it as a kid! 😂 Interesting there were no words.

I once showed my son the sort of programmes I watched as a kid. He was horrified. "My God, that's terrible" he said. "You can see the strings"!

Hmmm. Yes Well black and white puppets were state of the art back then. 😂

That is what Aunts, Uncles and grandparents are for! Spoiling them rotten while you have the chance! lol

I remembered my first installation it did took me hours and that pain of starting from again was indeed tiresome ;)

While she is indeed looking adorable and tech has sure made us busy so it did to them ;)

LOL, smh! You know, if ever you are a parent the tables will be turned! And, it will be a new day and age! Haha! Main thing is your niece will surely ask for Uncle Mark to babysit again and again! Truth be told....some of my favorite childhood memories include french fries and an auntie!! Some things never change!!

Awesome post. Being the cool uncle is the best! I used to install cable modems for a cable company. It was right when home broadband was really starting to pick up. I had some real nightmare stories working on that job. I have thought about writing a post about it, but I don't know if I will. Some of the new modular wireless systems are supposed to be really good for expanding your wireless network through a whole house. Good luck as you move forward on the project!


I have installed several of those mesh wifi systems and they work well. But lately I have not kept up with the latest tech. Who knows? maybe something better is out already :)


Could be. I have heard the one Google makes is supposed to be pretty good. I dont have personal experience with them though besides the Enterprise system I run at work. Good luck!

I read it quickly and then binned it straight away because rules are for parents not uncles.

lol I recommend you both keep it as a secret. It’s definitely better this way. Nice selfie of both of you!

Hahahaha!! Oh that's perfect. Now we finally know why the good lady's brother ignores all the rules that she writes down for him to follow when he comes to take the little lady out for an adventure for a few hours!!


She might as well not bother! But then again it's all part of the ritual.


Yeah, we have to go through em!

Seems like you had a fun day, you and your niece look happy with those ice creams. At least she is easy to baby sit and doesn't need much attention like baby Sam. Am sure she enjoyed your company without all those boring parents' rules :)

Its great that you can look back and feel its was already so long ago, if it ever happened to me I dont think I will feel it came round quick enough, haha I know what you mean I have seen the IT guys spending ages on the phone back and fourth I think they get bored after a while and so just talk regular stuff while they wait for a solution to surface lol @exyle

Mark @exyle that is the BEST PART about being the Uncle, No Rules for Treating your Nieces and Nephews better than their own Parents may Allow. What FUN would it be if you went by MOM's written down note ??
We all LOVE Ice Cream !!

Enjoy your niece @exyle, they grow up really fast!

It won't be long until babysitting will consist of playing video games together :)

it's cool man..................

Have fan my sir

your niece seems just like you face wise ..... i m sure she would have a lot of habits just you have

You fulfilled the mission of installing the Internet and at the same time spend a pleasant afternoon with your niece and some ice cream! It was an excellent day :) look good in the picture

Thats a very nice job there, installing internet, wow, your niece is beautiful and cute. Hope you teach her about your work someday.

Good time while enjoying the ice cream hahah that will be worth it for sure :D