Truth is not needed or "everybody lie"

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This is a paradox, but in reality people tend to tell the truth. Is always.

With the exception of pathological liars, no one wants to mess with this.


Because we all know that lying brings great discomfort to people. Such discomfort that it can catch the outdated technology of a century ago, on the basis of which a lie detector was created.

A person begins to lie when he is thrown into the abyss of problems and embarrassing situations. You need to try very hard to put a person in a situation where he would rather tell a bitter and uncomfortable lie than a pleasant truth.

Some joke

How to do it? It is very simple. Let's learn together.

First, make it clear to the person that the truth is punished.

No matter how you do it. Children are scolded for the truth. Adults are condemned and ridiculed. Romantic partners are usually offended and have a boycott.

The truth should not go unpunished.

If this does not work, then there is a workaround. The truth can not be understood, not accepted.

Therefore, it is very important to demonstrate a maximum of misunderstanding when a person shares his thoughts and feelings with you. Grin, use maximum sarcasm, disappointedly shake your head and look at the person as an idiot.

Let him once and for all learn a lesson: do not tell the truth. It's too much.

But if this does not work out, then there always remains the third, sweetest way: to encourage lies.

Let the truth remain without reaction, and the lie causes joy and approval. Encourage a person only in an image that he is not. Ignore its true nature. Then you will definitely have the chance to chat with a walking piece of lies covered in sparkles.

You ask me: "Damn, Evelyn, why should I follow these rules?"

Everything is very simple. Then, in order to be able to meaningfully say: "No one can be trusted ... Everybody lie ..." - and look dramatically around.

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