The culture of pedophilia

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Many would agree that today pedophilia is a definite taboo of society, worthy of contempt and censure.

But if you look at society more closely, you can see something different.

In fact, our culture encourages pedophilia and closely linked with understanding of sexuality.

How does it work? Will give a few examples.

Women are expected to maintain a slim body to be always associated with young girls in prepubertatne period. Is low body fat and curves, which are peculiar to the bodies of adult women.
Because of this terrible pressure affects not only women, who all their lives are hostage to the industry of diet, but also teenage girls. Among teenagers eating disorders has reached critical levels.

It may therefore model plus-size and unshaven feminists is such a hot subject for discussion and rage? In a sense it is a challenge to habitual patterns of society.

Schoolgirl cosplay


The most popular category of the porn site Pornhub is "Teens". All these girls cleverly mimic naive schoolgirls in a typical pornographic scenario. "Slutty virgin", "incest father and daughter", "teacher and student". Just name any script and it will be in pornography, because it's a multimillion demand.
Sometimes just ask yourself the question: "What in addition to the laws against child pornography, keeps all these porn consumers watching videos with real children?"

How things work in beauty sphere?

Women still have a Frank and strong pressure, which forces them to remove body hair. Any manifestation of unshaven legs or underarms are greeted by men with theatrical disgust.

Cosmetic industry, aimed at women, promoting the "anti-aging" products and injections that need to score women if she is over 25 years. Multimillion corporations are cashing in on the cellulite, exposing it as a terrible disease (it is not), the terrible scars and stretch marks, which should not be on a perfect female body.

Thriving plastic surgery, which will magically return to your chest sexy shape and elasticity, will make your buttocks full and the nose is perfect. And let's not forget about the "hymenoplasty".

We thoughtlessly call adult women "girls", and when women sexuality we are called "babies", "honey" and "pussy".

Of course, all these preferences do not make a person a pedophile in the worst sense of the word.
But if you look around, the huge number of men under the influence of this culture begin to consider attractive the same qualities that attract pedophile - fragility, eternal youth, virginity, lack of body hair.

What conclusion can we make?

To realize the unpleasant truth about the fact that pedophilia is not such a marginalized phenomenon. Men's desires and requests are still reflected on society, on women and mass reproduced on a global scale in response to growing demand.

Men will be outraged and say, "I'm not a freak, I'm not a monster" "What nonsense are you talking about?"

All right. You're right, you are an ordinary man and you are not alone.

This is just another manifestation of the collective desire of men and their complexes, which are manifested not in supporting women, but in subordinating women to men's ideals and needs.


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It's so hard to be a woman in this world...

I can see how the lines can be blurred humans don’t really have lines what they do is push the boundaries until they find a level of resistance and it’s up to society to appose things but we keep moving the goal posts to be accomadating

I get the biological stand point of a younger looking woman would attract more male attention for being fertile and all but I think since we don’t need to mate for survival reallt since we’ve reached insane population levels and sex is more of a recreational tool people are pushing the limits of it

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