"Cynical centrism" or how to save your reputation?

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There is such a popular phenomenon called "cynical centrism" (not my idea).

This is when you want to have a smart position, but you don't have enough of the mind (intelligence, imagination), to select suitable option. Then you just call these two positions were right and sit down satisfied in the middle.

Made a career on this, the creators of "South Park". In each of their episodes raised some issue where both parties appeared in the most absurd light. The students watched the show and received easy and clear illustration of complex and confusing issues. And they feel smarter, of course.
Probably I was such a student too.

South park's joke

However, over the years I realized that sitting in the middle is convenient and profitable only in case, if you think only about yourself.

If you want to seem smarter than everyone else, then don't choose none of the options is a great position.

But if you think not only about themselves but also about others people, about humanity and about the future, one of the parties to take necessary.

And you have to sometimes look like an idiot. In the childhood it is terrible and very ashamed, but with age you get used to and take it graciously.

Reputation is exactly the same resource that you can sacrifice for the benefit of others. If other people make fun of you for your position, it doesn’t mean anything. Your position will not be wrong or stupid.
And if the "South Park" about you made a few humiliating episodes, in which made you look like a fabulous idiot, it does not mean that global warming does not exist, for example.

I just want to remind you to think about yourself need during adolescence, when any ridicule and failure cause complexes and fears.

But when you grow up, firmly standing on their feet and acquire the armor of confidence, it is time to think about other people.

Need to get out of the comfortable shadows of "South Park", step over a puddle of ridicules, which previously seemed insurmountable moat, and with a firm step to go to its position.

There have long been waiting for and there you really need.

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