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If a person behaves out of tune, it does not mean that he is a villain and a total liar.
Maybe he just doesn't know how to convey these feelings.

The reasons for this are many. Maybe he just lacks experience.
All his life he kept his love, pain or a flair for the dramatic on the inside, and then suddenly decided to share it with other people. But how to do it - is unclear and scary.

So he copies the acting of cheap TV series, wears a mask of ice Princess or a cynical idiot.

Illustration by Davide Bonazzi

There is another option that his fate was brutally punished for expressing their feelings.
He's for peace with all your soul, and the world gave him in response juicy below the belt. In the end, the emotions he is their own, and ways of expressing borrowed. As examples can be incorrigible optimists or cinematic cynics.

But the most common reason is that we simply do not know how to understand themselves and don't know how we are seen by others.

If we know ourselves well, and then suddenly we were surrounded strange feeling and we have no idea what to do with it and where to put it. Then we start to behave strange, silly laugh, cry from any of that nonsense.

The feeling itself is clean and bright phenomenon, but we always hung the tinsel on it, which consists of own thoughts and fears.

To express what you're feeling is actually a great skill, granted so a small percentage of the population. Sometimes it is called talent.
Writers, musicians, artists — all people who have learned to shed their rainbow hearts on humanity. This gift is not given to all, unfortunately.

Let's be each other more lenient.

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