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Dave Matthews Band

Most of the music I'll be posting is music that I grew up with, songs and bands that I loved when I was younger.
Just feeling a bit nostalgic, I suppose. ;)

Where are you going

Where are you going?
Where do you go?
Are you looking for answers to questions, under the stars?
Well if along the way, you are grown weary.
You can rest with me, until a brighter day, when you're ok.
I am no superman.
I have no answers for you.
I am no hero.
Oh, that's for sure.
But I know one thing..
That's where you are, is where I belong.
I do know.
Where you go, is where I want to be.

Crash into me

Touch your lips just so I know.
In your eyes, love, it glows so.
I'm bare-boned and crazy for you.
When you come crash, into me, baby;
And I come into you.
In a boy's dream.
In a boy's dream.
If I've gone overboard..
Then I'm begging you to forgive me.
In my haste.
When I'm holding you so girl.
Close to me.
Oh and you come crash..
Into me, baby.


Winter's cold spring erases;
And the calm away by the storm is chasing.
Everything good needs replacing.
Look up, look down all around, hey satellite.
Rest high above the clouds;
No restriction.
Television we bounce round the world.
And while I spend these hours.
Five senses reeling.
I laugh about this weatherman's satellite eyes.
Satellite in my eyes.
Like a diamond in the sky.
How I wonder..
Satellite strung from the moon..
And the world your balloon.
Peeping Tom for the mother station.

What would you say

Rip away the tears.
Drink a hope to happy years.
And you may find..
A lifetime's passed you by.
What would you say?
Don't drop the big one.
If you a monkey on a string.
Don't cut my lifeline.
If you a doggie on a chain.
Don't bite the mailman.
What would you say?
I was there when the bear ate his head, thought it was a candy..
Everyone goes in the end.
Knock knock on the door.
Who's it for?
There's nobody in here..
Look in the mirror, my friend.
I don't understand at best..
And cannot speak for all the rest.
In the morning rise..
A lifetime's passed me by.

Ants marching

He wakes up in the morning.
Does his teeth bite to eat and he's rolling.
Never changes a thing.
The week ends the week begins.
She thinks, we look at each other.
Wondering what the other is thinking..
But we never say a thing.
These crimes between us grow deeper..
Take these chances.
Place them in a box until a quieter time.
Lights down, you up and die.

Driving in on this highway.
All these cars end up on the sidewalk.
People in every direction.
No words exchanged.
No time to exchange.
And all the little ants are marching..
Red and black antennas waving.
They all do it the same.
They all do it the same way..

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As stated in my previous posts, I will be doing 0.1 - 0.4 SBD/STEEM giveaways randomly on posts and guaranteed on milestone posts.

To qualify you will just have to either upvote or comment! Simple as that! :)

I will be using a random number generator and assigning numbers to everyone who leaves likes/comments on my Music Lover posts. This way I can ensure it will be truly random!

Thanks for checking out my post! :)



Hi @evanprice. Good contest. What about to try to do the same things for Musicoin musicians? What do you think?

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