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Death, is a very scary subject that most people do not want to ever discuss about. There is a myth that when you talk about it then the sword of death is going to strike you sooner than you expect. But cut the crap! Let’s be realistic DEATH is the final destination of everyone including me. No one can actually tell when the sword would hit them. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Yeah as outdated as the movie 12 years of slavery , by McQueen I just watched it today. Before you use the sledge hammer on me am not a movie freak, am Moreof a netizen✅

Solomon was in slavery for 12 years and some of his friends were fred, some died and he buried some himself. He could have died too! Right ? Well he didn’t. JUST Incase you don’t know the story or have not watched the movie
Let’s come back to DEATH.

DEATH, is the final destination of us all, so we all should be ready for it. Before you crucify me with your sentiments I don’t think am going to die anytime soon, well I can’t tell for sure but this is not why am here though 👇🏾

Yeah, I know alot of us must have tried asking ourselves this question. I specifically have tried to imagine who would cry and who would not cry for me😅. If only I could be dead and see everyone’s reaction at the same time that would have been splendid, howbeit I would love to actually pretend dead and see the reaction of people around anyway!

So I got one song of my friend playing in my head ‘when I die’ It inspired me to write this piece. I produced that song and yeah am a singer too, but the song gat me.

So it is a typical scenario that happens when somebody dies. There are four kind of persons you would see there during a berief moment. Friends that knew most things about the dead, mutual friends that knows almost nothing about the dead, family members and total strangers.

As soon as you die, and the news start spreading around like Wild fire, you family members become so the first to mourn and lament about your death and some of them feel begins to feel a sense of guilt if prolly they had an argument with you before your demise. A sober reflection immediately hits those ones and may or may not bring them to tears.
ANother set of persons to encounter are your friends, this is the most reason I am making this post. This set of persons are very special. They begin to profess the love that they had for you and missed the moment they shared with you before your demise then suddenly forget about the bad names they had called you and suddenly tag you as a really good person. Do not misinterprete me am talking about those friends that you feel you are friends to but they don’t consider you as their friends . They lament and begin to proclaim you as their brother, bring you flowers and tell everyone how you had helped them through one situation or the other. Then other set of persons just the usual random things people say when you die.

Oh yeah, I do not want to harbour fake friends who can tell me of how much they love me and cannot give me a call to check up on me. Alot of us are guilty of this. I also am guilty, let us learn to cherish each day we get to spend with those people that matter the most in our lives so that whatever we say when they are no more around us or have been snatched by the cold hands of death would be genuine. Tell them how Much you love them, cause that they might be just the last day, you are going to see them. When they die, you won’t feel no regrets. Today, take a time to call those friends you love and reach out to them and tell them that you care about them ...


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