Attacking Men Will Bring Society Nowhere

in #life3 months ago


Men are being regularly insulted and demonized on social media. You can blame it on post-modern feminism, you can blame it on post-modern society and this "woke American culture". Blame it on whatever you see fit, but it is undeniable that men in the United States are constantly being berated by pompous and self-centered women (who likely never grew up with a father).

Men built the roads, built airplanes and they've built the rockets. Men have been slaughtered by the BILLIONS to protect their countries, to protect their culture and way of life. Men mined for gold, the minerals and metals used by society. They created monetary value in metals, bank notes; Men built cryptocurrency. Men have bled and have wept to bring humanity to where we are today and still the ones who have suffered and lost the most still are men. Regardless if you've grown up with or without a father, or perhaps without a father figure, men should still be valued in society.

A society that insults men, and demonizes them, reveals a real identity struggle within society itself.

I love my father and my grandfathers and those before them. Thank you for your sacrifices to our family, countries and for me.

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