Some People Still Don't Understand

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Yesterday I went to the craft market as I always do. It's a very important event for me because I am a regular participant of the #MarketFriday challenge hosted by my friend @dswigle, never miss it and also love the craft products that are selling.



These fairs are a great opportunity for artists and vendors to sell their products. The event is usually advertised everywhere which is normal and a must in order to get the news to as many people as possible.

Usually I'm taking as many photos as I can so I have photos to post for a couple of months. Yesterday was no different, I had my camera ready for action.

The fair was a bit disappointing as compared to last year, craft products were less and were more flowers instead. I don't mind seeing flowers, I love flowers but you can't compare flowers to craft products. Besides, I can see flowers every day and there are special markets for flowers.

Anyway, let's get to the point. Yesterday I was surprised to hear many vendors telling people that they also have a page on Facebook and you can have their contact info there and also see the photos of their products. I believe this is a huge step for them as they get more exposure and can sell more products.

Taking photos at a craft fair which is also an exposition, I believe is normal. These people came here to sell their products. The more exposure you get, the better your chances to sell your products.

I had no problems taking photos, haven't thought about vendors having problems with people photographing, not for a minute. I've seen many people doing it, even professionals (judging from the equipment they were using). Vendors were posing in front of the camera as they knew it's good and free publicity.

Then when I was visiting the last few vendors a lady who was selling handmade jewelry told me I'm not allowed to take photos. 😯

It came as a surprise I must admit, wasn't expecting such a reaction but it's her shop, I have to play by her rules. I apologized and moved on.

Thank God she was the only one. I don't understand why she doesn't allow people to take photos. I've heard some people are afraid others may copy their products but I don't think that's a valid reason. You can't hide your products in order to protect them. That way you're never going to sell anything.

It was strange.


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It’s basically free marketing and if you say no to small opportunities you won’t get access to bigger opportunities

I think people who feel like their product is going to be copied have a close minded approach! Your product is meant to be shared, that’s how people use it and find out!

Oh well to each their own I suppose

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These were cheap earrings, I could have bought 10 pairs and then what? I could have copied them anyway. Not to mention that a good artist can do a replica just by having a good look at them :)

These people have more to lose then to gain by this behavior. Good thing I only met one :)

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Thank you!

Of course, that is the reason she didn't allow you to take photos... It's the fear any producer of anything has, naturally, in his guts. The smarter ones get over it, realising that they are not holding a state secret after all and their fear is not only counterproductive but also idiotic.

You're right, they need to understand that they are working against themselves.

I got in trouble taking a photo of a craft booth at a farmers market this Wednesday! I managed to apologize my way out and deleted the photo. It was unpleasant to say the least. It seems that crafting has some things going on with copying and idea theft and even design lawsuits.

I'm sorry to hear you got in trouble for taking photos. That must have been very unpleasant.

Tax purposes I bet . If the tax man sees them selling stuff while claiming benefit they are in trouble 😀😀

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That may be a valid point, who knows? 😀

My wife is a crafter part time and she sees a lot of the stalls at festivals saying the same and it is all about the tax man

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They can't escape it forever though.

We were visiting Key West years ago and in a little outdoor market like that. My husband took one picture of a small painting on a piece of wood that he might have bought, but the lady started screaming and was hysterical about it. Lol. She lost the sale.

I do not get it either. Have they not seen the internet? Their idea will always have a similar product out there somewhere.

Good thing your husband didn't buy the painting. I believe no matter what he did, the lady had no right to treat him like that. These people have a lot to learn. And you're right, they can't protect their idea, at least not like that.