It's Time To Wake Up

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Today I was reading the news and came across of a very disturbing and sad article. Dead Philippines whale had 40kg of plastic in stomach

There were 16 rice sacks in its stomach, as well as "multiple shopping bags". source

I was wondering who's fault is that? Who's responsible for plastic and garbage ending up in the water? Humans of course, who else? My next question is why?

The answer is very simple. Because they don't care. It's easier to throw away garbage and plastic than deal with it.

There was a time when people were throwing dirty water and excrement out of the window because they were uneducated and unaware of the risks. A few hundred years have passed since then and it looks like some parts of the world still need education. They still don't understand what are the risks.

The use of throwaway plastic is a particular problem in some South East Asian countries, including the Philippines.
Five Asian nations - China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand - accounted for up to 60% of the plastic waste that ends up in oceans, according to a 2015 report by environmental campaigner Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment.
In June last year, a pilot whale died in Thailand after swallowing 80 plastic bags.
Its death came shortly after a report for the UK government revealed the level of plastic in the ocean could triple in a decade unless steps are taken to curb litter. source

Collecting, recycling and reusing plastic waste means money spent but also money saved and this is not all. It needs an serious investment but it's necessary. I just wish governments could put aside greed, self interests and try to look at the bigger picture. Promises are made to be broken the minute they start governing.

Educating people is also a must and it looks like it's going slowly. I don't want to point out different countries as there are plenty of bad examples in my own country.

It's time to do something about it till it's not too late. Destroying the fauna is not an option.



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The plastic is too cheap.
It have to be much expensive, and it will worth to recycling.

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If i use to shop in the philippines if it is not necesary i always refuse to use plastic bags. The funny when the sales people asking me why?
Than actually i gave the same answer that your topic is all about.
Also sad and i use to have a argue with some fellow steemians about that in the philippines the education is low. According to them they have a world class education but that is nonsense.
even my farm i try to clean in often but my lovely neightbours always throw there they trash.
But for now i gave up. My fiancee's visa get aproved and soon we will be at home. Maybe after few years if we come back i give another try to make some changes here but the truth is that the filipinos mostly are so much proud and they dont like to accept other foreigner's advice😔

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Unfortunately a few decades are needed for people to wake up but till then a part of the planet will be grately affected.
Sorry to hear about your problems, I hope once you are home there will be more opportunity for you and your family. I wish you luck!