Peddling to the Pub

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Summer passes far too quickly in the Upper Midwest. @vangfo, Romeo, and I decided to take advantage of the waning cycling season with a thirty-two mile bike ride to the Surly Brewery.

Nothing makes you forget the miles and the steep climbs like great company along the way, the promise of delicious carne asada, and plenty of good beer at the end of the journey.

We're lucky in Minneapolis and Saint Paul to have hundreds of miles of bike trails. If we only had more warm months to enjoy them. : )

All photos were shot on the iPhone 8.

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That sounds like such fun @ericvancewalton - sadly here in South Africa we currently are hearing about bike-jacking, believe it or not! There's been some incidents of attacks on bikers of late - unemployment rates still too high here & probably the biggest cause of crime here.


It certainly was a whole lot of fun Lizelle! So sorry to hear that kind of thing is going on in South Africa. I wouldn't feel completely comfortable here riding alone on an expensive bike. I hope you're having a great week!

Looks like a lot of fun.


It was! We should plan a ride before the snow flies. Maybe our meeting next week could be a ride?

Excellent cycling, my friend and it's always great to go with friends on such a trip, especially if at the end of a great time for delicious food and excellent beer. Well done! Thank you, Eric.

Did someone forget to cook that steak?
I love cycling in summer, as long as there isn't too many hills.


It was cooked perfectly! : ) This particular route was uphill all the way back, this gave us a chance to burn off all those calories.

Not sure I remember how to ride a bike. It has been so many moons. This sounds like fun. Thanks for posting about it. 👍
Making healthy memories with friends, what could be better? :)


You never forget @rebeccabe! I hope to be able to ride for many more years. It's my favorite form of exercise, by far.

Looks a perfect classical day to enjoy superb shots :D

wow,my dear friend. @ericvancewalton how are you? i hope that,you are better today.its express doing your smile looking very gorgeous and handsome with your black sunglass and innocent smile.this cycle ride really very exciting and if its is start with two friends.its must better.its very good idea for amazing trip.specially you spend your good time with nice company.really enjoy your cycling trip ride. this delicious food with drinking beer.oh, great friend.just perfect idea of good travel.thanks to sharing for your great thought skills post..very well done and take care yourself..stay blessed always.keep it up.see you again i wish always your great success in your whole life..long live dear friend. @ericvancewalton

I'm not a cyclist, too much work, now a slick e-bike, and I'll join you on any day.

Looks like it was a good day for all three of you, the winters up there are brutal from what I have been told by people who I work with that are based in Minneapolis. Glad you got the bike out for a spin.
I am half way through the book now , it is making a really case for needing to change the history books.


It was a lot of fun. We're lucky to have so many good trails here. The only place I've seen more miles of trails is Amsterdam. Oh, man, the winters are horrid. The forced hibernation is good for me as a writer but I'm more than ready for the warmth by the time May comes around. The coldest I've felt in my 24 years here was -60 degrees (with the windchill.) Glad you're enjoying the book!


I feel cold when we are at 60 or below, I like it when it is about 82, that is just the right temperature in my book.
The book is good, I got away from it over the weekend but I'll be back on the road starting tomorrow so I will have some more time for it this week.
The coldest I ever have been was when I flew up to Bismark ND in February one year to see my brother, he lived up on north west Iowa and his basketball team was playing in the state tournament regional finals so I went to watch. It never got above zero the five days I was up there, never again will I ever go where there is ice and snow , because where you have those two things it is just to damn cold for me.
We have ice and snow here once in a blue moon, but I can stay inside for a day or two and it is gone, that is the way I like it to be as far as those are concerned.


We're of the same mind about temperature, 70's/80's are perfect for me. I guess I live in the wrong GPS coordinates. Lol. Bismark in February is about as bad as it gets if it's a typical winter up there. The soul-crushing thing about winter here is the sheer length. Cold and snow aside, the season can last from October through's just too long. We try to escape someplace warm in February to break it up but as we get older that doesn't help. I can really see becoming snowbirds eventually.


We have plenty of snow birds that come to south Texas regularly for sure, we also refer to them as "winter Texans" to make them feel more at home.

That Oct. to May is sure enough to long, I find it a lot easier to cool off than it is to warm up when it comes to being comfortable.

I can see why you would take a trip to get out of up there halfway through the winter, I also might find it awful hard for me to get back on a plane and head back there knowing that the reason I left would still be there to greet me when I got back, but that is just me...

Great!! Reminded me of the time when I used to pedal to school!
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Sick I'm gonna ride to the pub for sure when I get this finished.


Male Schwinn style frame. Huffy brand.

Nice pics , meat and beer is not good food for spiritual lover .

Peddling with friends , very good, nice pics of your .

Que buenas fotos, se ven todos muy felices! Saludos desde Venezuela

Nice captures , you are looking very cool in pic .

You are definitely in safe hands with your amazing company sir.

Now i know why you look so fit and cheerful.

What a world we are living, come to africa, you have all the warmth you need, but no bike rails here.
The background in the first picture is so beautiful, it can pass as a laptop screen wallpaper.

According to you, @ericvancewalton. There's nothing better to spend the day with than good company, good food and a pitcher of beer. As the sea is close to me, I usually walk on the sand and in the late afternoon I have a cold beer to pass the heat of this city. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Thanks a million from Venezuela!Schöner Sonntag!


I agree, good company makes all the difference! You're so lucky to live by the sea. It's a goal of my wife and I to live at least part of the year by the ocean. Thanks!

Life is to enjoy every moment and what better with the company of our loved ones, a bike ride, taste an alerozo almuerso, a glass of beer is never in the meeting of friends.
Enjoy the summer dear friend @ericvancewalton
I wish you a prosperous week

Fantastic work with this one.

Amazing sunday! Very relaxing, refreshing your minds to start a new productive week!

nice long distance biking, I haven't done it. Hope to do it very soon.

Haha nice smile


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what clearty

very nice photography

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Nice moments!
Carne asada yummy!