Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal

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Last night we visited Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal for the Aura light show. It was both spiritually and creatively uplifting beyond words.

The basilica staff didn't allow pictures during the actual performance but I captured the interior image just before the show. The performance told a complete story from beginning to end with light and music and tricked your mind into believing the whole basilica was made of glass.

The Notre-Dame Basilica itself is breathtaking inside and out. I'll let the pictures do the talking, I hope you enjoy them!

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A historical place, the architecture looks perfect and retains the classic style, my favorite photo is the last one i like the blue color in the glass. Regards

You really captured some outstanding shots from the inside there its brilliant :D

Wow...just wow. If only they allowed pictures, i know you woyld have showed us more. I guess they want more concentration and they don't want the performance to be missed. From the tone of this post, i can tell you had an enjoyable moment.

Did you hear the sound of that gigantic bell sir?


It was fabulous! The staff said they didn't allow picture because of copyright issues. I've heard the bells toll a few times since we've been here. We're staying in an Airbnb about three blocks away. Hope you're having a good weekend!


Oh! That seems like a good reason from them. That's understandable.

I think Airbnb seem logical and with good prices, because i think tangerinetravels use them quite a lot.

Really glad you enjoyed it sir.

Yes sir, my weekend was quite memorable and restful too. Good one in a long while. :)

Your photos are so beautiful, took a peek at their light show promo video, can see why you found it uplifting in more ways than one, gorgeous!


Thank you @lizelle. I had way more images but Steepshot tends to crash if I try to upload more than three so I tried to pick the best of them. I'm glad you clicked the link and watched the video! I was hoping people would explore further.

That was great and isn't it amazing what they can do with computers and lights now?


It was so seamless and perfectly timed that it really did trick your brain into thinking it was real. I can't even imagine how immersive virtual reality will be, probably 10x more impressive than this was.


once it is perfected right now virtual reality has a ways to go.
What you saw looks much better. Just building without all that is so impressive.
In Las Vegas years ago I remember a light show they had every night in one building. When it surrounds you it is so breathtaking. Now there are drones too.
No telling what's to come.

I watched that minute video with your post and was really blown away.

Well if I didn't read I'd have thought this basilica was centered in Rome, wow those pinnacles are so tall I don't know is it posibble to stand on the peak of that pinnacle?
Amazing scenes Eric, must have totally had too much splendid fun.


The part of Montreal we're staying in looks a lot like Europe but it's not as old. It definitely has charm though. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! Thank you!

Those images are very beautiful, @ericvancewalton. I like the light, the colors, all the splendor that is perceived in its neogothic structure. It is a place that invites recollection! I hope that the AURA ceremony was a moment of much feeling and emotion. Greetings

Beautiful photography 👍

No wonder it was a beautiful performance :)

While liked the place especially the night view of it

@ericvancewalton, You went most spiritual place Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. Exactly mind wanna ready for relax after watching those clicks when you caught. Attractive lights designs indeed.

Montreal is beautiful

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Beautiful post and photography...upvoted

So this time you enjoyed aura light show . Very good . Nice pic of interior inside the building .

Beautiful building both inside and outside . Nice pics taken.

Some places not allow photography . But you take nice pic before show .

You should head up to Quebec City and and check out the old city.


You should head up to
Quebec City and and check
Out the old city.

                 - granitegron

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