Steemit Direly Needs A Technical Support Team

in life •  last year

I was attempting to publish a 74-page article on an interesting topic. However, I have tried everything under the sun to get it to post. It was just a chore getting the "Post" icon to turn blue. If this story here (or rather complaint) posts, then I guess I will say that there is some hope that I may get that other story posted on this website. Meanwhile, there is nobody anyone can really contact other than members of the community. It still would be nice to have technical support. Even YouTube has better technical support coverage than Steemit, and that's not saying a whole lot. Other websites where people submit their written content have technical support they can contact whenever there is a problem. Why not Steemit?

I don't know how I am going to tag this first story (or rather complaint). I say that this is just an experiment to see if I can actually publish anything on this website other than just comments to other people's articles. Could anyone please tell me if there is a page limit on what you can publish here on Steemit? Because that seems to be the issue here. However, I'm not really sure what is preventing me from posting a 74-page article here on Steemit.

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