My Kitty Gang

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Let me tell you about my cat gang, since they are always here for me...

Whenever I come home, even if they be sleeping, they gonna come right to me in sleepy state & let me know they love me... teaching me what unconditional love is.

They are the pure definition of enjoyinglife, so we go along pretty well

They are simple, all they want to do is play, cuddle & eat some food

They absoulutely love to go out... I mean, who doesn't love Sun?

I have both kitties since they were little babies. One of them we adopted & the other one was ditched, by some evil people in the bushes. She was just 2 weeks old back then

Her eye was swollen & she couldn't breathe, I realized she had pneumonia. Oh my, was I scared for her... In 1 day she became my little love

So I couldn't stand anything possibly happening to her

It was a complicated situation, as it took place on remote island where there was no veterinarian & I couldn't reach 1

After some thinking, I've realized I can give her turmeric and she should do fine. But I couldn't get my hands on organic turmeric, not a single shop on the island contained it

So I was stressed, didn't know what to do. I reached the best veterinarian I got info about (cats were his specialization), and he told me some possible human medications I could give to her

That was cool, but I couldn't get them without the recipe. So I called my doctor (who I hadn't visit in years lol) & he didn't even answer, we contacted another one who refused to prescribe the antibiotic to us... He obviously values that BS too much

Didn't know what to do, so I decided I'm gonna pay a visit to the emergency room. When I entered, I told them - I need a favor from you

My kitty could die, or lose sight, I don't want that to happen. The funniest part - doctor was tattooed & by the look on his face, I realized everything. Youniverse sent me to the right place... He said he adopts kittens himself.

Oh, the relief! I asked him whether he was informed about geoengineering activities on the island, he just nodded his head & started laughing

Obviously, he knew it everything. He as well added he would have never came there if he didn't earn money for it! So everything is clear :P

Anyway, he prescribed to me everything I needed. I had a chit-chat with him along with the nurse, and we got along great. Smiles & everything, even warm handshakes

It was a pleasant feeling to meet 3 warm-hearted humans where I didn't expect it. That situation totally charmed me

I started treating my kitten, and she got better day by day. Started to eat & drink... first solid food she tried was organic peanut butter, oh my did she love it! She couldn't get enough of it

She was a true little vegan kitty! Until my parents came, and spoiled her with meat! Now all she does is eat meat 24/7

What can you do though, it's her choice... and she is a meat-eater by nature so

Right now, 4 weeks after, she is a healthier kitten than ever! She got brand new muscle mass, agility & her fur is lighter than ever

She completely transformed and is enjoyinglife even further! That's what life is all about, equal opportunities to everyone!

And by adopting this little miracle & taking care of her, I got so much positive energy in return & she was constantly taking away the negatives

Cats are much much more than just animals. They have magical abilities to negate BS around you & leave you in total ZEN. Have you tried? I guarantee it!

Anyway, my little kitten is a healthy, strong & happy kitten now. She even has a sister :) and that's amazing... some huge friendship is forming

The bigger one couldn't stand her (due to territory issues) but now she took the role of older sister. And it's fucking amazing... and I have to spend less time with them :P So yeah, it's a win-win situation

The moral of the story is: where there is compassion & love, beautiful things always happen... lives get saved & transformed

Every single living being just wants to live... obviously, that's why it's called living being. Why are we taking animals for granted, when they inhabit the same place as we? all of us are just inhabitants here, yet we act like earth is our resource.

No it's not... it's just our mother, she gives everything we need to use & wants nothing but protection in return

Yet we fail so many times, over & over again? Why is that so?? There are lot of possible answers, but that's a topic for some other time... Hopefully this little story cheered you up

Enjoy the view at me with my kitten gang while enjoyinglife :P Maybe you'll like it... Peace out


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Great post. I've had an affinity for cats from a very young age. We also have similar looking cats!20180912_150642.jpg