Harvesting Magical Nettle!

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Teaming up with my buddy, we decided to harvest some Nettle!

This often ignored plant, costs at least $10 per 100 grams!

Even thou that was not the point of this harvest... its good to know how easy you can make money in the nature

We heard rumors about nettle nearby that's across huge space... the rumors were right:


When we arrived, little were we surprised. All kinds of nettle... old and fresh, we knew this was a jackpot!

Lot of smoothie ammunition here as well as lot of super-healing tea. Additional factor is nettle can be made in a top-notch ground fertilizer! How awesome is that?

We prepared mentally and jumped straight in the business!


We thought we gonna be able to do this without the gloves...

After firstly getting in contact with leaves, our minds changed.

My friend ran in the nearby house to ask this older lady to borrow us some gloves. So she did :D

I was amazed by the abundance of God's presents we are getting.

I do understand in modern world nettle is constantly ignored... due to big pharmacy's propaganda

But the fact is, this plant is super-healing and an amazing rejuvenation for your kidneys and adrenal glands!

Maybe you are unaware of it, but non-functioning adrenal glands are the #1 cause of disease nowadays!

By non-functioning I mean too much stress.

Too much stress constantly triggers your adrenal glands so you can't really enter the state of regeneration with your body. Rather you are constantly in protection mode, fight or flight where body is constantly trying to protect cells.

While that is happening load of toxins goes through your body.

Remember, protection mode and growth can't be triggered at the same time..


One could say one of the keys to fulfilled life is lack of stress.

It's not the key, but the best beginning you can gift to your body to start healing.

So I did this whole adventure barefoot :D

It's super healthy for the body... basically a massage for all the organs through your feet, recharging my adrenal glands that got triggered last night!

You might wonder, how?

While travelling through the forest part on the mountain... me and my friend heard a wild pig coming nearby, so our adrenaline kicked in and we started running!

At one point of time, we decided to stop and said: We are with God.

But it was too late :D The glands wore out and our momentum of 2 minutes ago disappeared.

Before going out I took a shot of organic Ashwagandha :D one of the best aids with adrenal glands!


This place was so abundant that it was impossible to fit all in a single bag :D

Nevertheless, we continued packing and stacked up on this beautiful young nettle.

Its an amazing addition to almost any kind of smoothie!

If you are wondering why, check this chart out:


I think we need to take a moment and innerstand the magnificence of this plant.

It's literally growing around your house... you maybe never payed attention to it :D

But you should. It is a life changer...

One smoothie filled with nettle a day will clean your body how you can't imagine

It's super beneficial for the bowel and bowel movement as well

Therefore it is a necessity in times like these.. Don't forget 1 cup of it has 200% of your daily need for Iron!


So we continued.

My friend was cutting plant by plant... handing it to me

I was trying to fit it all into a bag and make sure its put in the right way. :D

Great job, huh?


I forgot to mention... the seeds you can dry out and add to smoothies as well

They make a great tea too.

Long story short, Nettle is super beneficial in alkalizing your body.

Still having doubt?

Check this out!


A cup of nettle gives you 200% of your daily Vitamin K need!

One of the often overlooked vitamins that is beneficial for the wellbeing.


This is young nettle.

Its amazing for the smoothies and adds unique flavor in.

Just a sip of it makes you present in the moment :D

This is all that's going in the smoothie btw... and load of other greens:


You probably can't see shit at this picture, but it doesn't really matter.

I'm just trying to finish this post cause I need to go to work :D

So I'm throwing as much pics as I can...

The nettle is harvested, smoothie is in the hand

I'm preparing myself for some downhill running.

(Its not the best idea to eat food before it, but fuck it this is fresh life force from the Source!)





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Seems like contains all item in 200% of we requirements 😊😁😄

Nowadays it's hard to find a jackpot in the agriculture field, seems you got the huge blessings

Are you going to sell a part of what you take there?

Nettles are so good!

I love them in smoothies and in soup!

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