Value each moment of your life

in life •  6 months ago

I often look at my son`s pictures when he was just a baby. It seems he was so little just a few months ago but he is two years and six months old now. I sometimes think that our life passes too fast but we have so many daily problems that even do not notice it. It would be nice to stop some moments to enjoy them forever but unfortunately it is impossible. So value each moment of your life dear friends because who knows what it will be tomorrow.

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Having a child is what we have more precious and more expensive in life. So beautiful your child that he looks like his mother 🙂🙂. Have a nice day my dear @enigma84


Thank you dear @mimbel

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I put a link to my post on Facebook. You can check it up.

Hi cutie, it's so cute wow...
What's the name of little one.
God bless you and Mamma Baby.


Hi dear Julia) His name is Kirill. Thank you for kind words)


Hi it's nice name, focus on your core strength use original and your content to avoid any steemcleaner action, be true and be original, you are beautiful lady post your and Master Kirill pics as it Worth a lot.
Best wishes Mam.

He is so cute and grow so fast! Pity that moments are passing fast but memories are the greatest prize of see them grow up!