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...............In The Wild..............

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It was early in the morning and the weather was calm.
As I walked through,I found a small stream.

I sat by the stream watching the fingerlings slide in rhythmic synchronization.
I watched them waddling with great admiration.

I sat there admiring the brilliant waves the distant wind sent across it's surface.
The ripples sprawling over the water surface.

As I turned my head slightly towards the left I noticed two birds kissing each other with much ecstasy.
Unaware of who was watching;rocking each other gaily.

A big black rat sped across and dashed into its hole.
He was running away from a foe.

I noticed for the first time the lushness of the grass I sat on.
It showed patches of lemon in between its green colour under the sun.

A bird mistakenly dropped off its nest
Some of the twigs were not interwoven.
I guess she was building a place of rest
Or maybe she was due and knows he needs a haven,
For her birdikins.

The sun had now risen to flames.
Beads of sweat were now seeping down my face.
It's fury was at its peak.
Alas,shelter I must seek.
Leaving behind this sight so glorious .
Where momentarily I forgot all my worries.

What time of the day it was. I was oblivious.
How long have I sat by this stream. I was unconscious.

I too another look at this hidden wonder
I turned to see what was behind as the sound grew louder.
A deer was pursued an antelope
It ran as fast as it could with hope.
Soon it was over powered.
His body was devoured.

In split seconds the antelope was strangling his catch.
A long cry and his companions leapt out of their watches.

Then the clouds begun to roll
It sent out a long growl
It was darkening
And I had to go finally. Saddening.

I made out a spot
So next time I can spot it out
I know this will become my favourite spot.
Where I'll get to see things go naturally with glide.
Where I'll get to observe the wild.

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Its good to watch the affairs of life from a natural point of view, more good is to derive a lesson from each of this view, for in that only can say you have viewed nature(life).
So many philosophers' ideas came from watching nature. The apple for gravity from galileo, nature for painters and artist. Love for musician. Etc


The apple for gravity from galileo

Isaac Newtons rather

There's a whole lot to be learnt from nature and life generally. We can't trade this experiences for anything else. Nice poem bro.


That is true
Thanks man

What an exciting write-up


The wild is a very interesting place to learn a lot.. This poem is really awesome! @empato365

Would the wild be sufficient enough to explain the intricacies of life ?
I opt to say it rather wont.

You're favourite spot can we share 😂😂